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The Pains of Catching Up

Returning to book blogging is hard work! There are so many tiny little tasks that need to be accomplished - updating a neglected Goodreads account, remembering the rhythm of memes, remembering how to even use wordpress, reconnecting with old friends with my tail between my legs, etc. It's a reminder of how much work I put… Continue reading The Pains of Catching Up

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“Blackberries need the rain AND sun” — on writing and its fuel

When we moved into our house, we started planting berry bushes almost right away. Our blueberry bushes have exploded in the last few weeks, and we've already picked all of our raspberries and strawberries. We were lucky to find some wild blackberry bushes all over the bluff down to the river behind our house. My… Continue reading “Blackberries need the rain AND sun” — on writing and its fuel

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Journal Prompts – July 2017

I've been writing and posting on Instagram about how much I love morning pages for a while now.  I've gotten several message from people saying that they'd love to journal or do morning pages, but can never think of anything to say!  And believe me, I've been there.  While I've been preaching that it's important… Continue reading Journal Prompts – July 2017