Weekly Review

January 21 review

What a strange week! We’re all continuing to get over a cold that knocked us flat last week, but I want to check in on my week’s productivity nonetheless. I’ve been using my Hobonichi Techo Cousin to religiously track my time spent on various goals. I’m not sure if it’s actually going to help me make many changes, but it sure is pretty!

My hope is that I’ll be able to identify small pockets of time to plug away at things. Right now, the blank spots in my planner are usually spent playing with the boys or doing chores around the house – both of which are very important as well! If I had more highlighters, I’d probably color code those times too, but I also don’t want to set myself up for failure by overdoing the tracking.

Reading Goals

My weekly reading goals:

  • Read 1 book
  • Read at least 500 pages
  • Read at least one chapter of War and Peace a day

IMG_2068I finished one book (check!), but started and abandoned two. On Friday night I started a third book that I think I might stick with.

The book that I finished was 462 pages, so I’m just short on my weekly page count goal, but I’m still ahead overall given the great weeks that I’ve had leading up to now.

I read 6 chapters of War and Peace over 5 days. I still have a chance to read one more chapter tonight, which would satisfy today’s chapter. I can’t say that I’m enjoying the book, but I’m hoping that I end up getting sucked in at some point!

Writing Goals

My weekly writing goals are:

  • Journal every day
  • Write 3 blog posts
  • 1 hour of non-blog writing three times a week

I’ve journaled 5 days this week. I missed Monday because of the holiday and our illnesses – I’ve been getting so little sleep that waking up early felt impossible that morning. I also missed yesterday (Saturday) due to sleeping in. I slept in today too, but wrote in the afternoon when the littlest went down for his nap. In all, I’m pretty happy with this week!

I wrote three blog posts over the week! It’s been a while since I’ve felt as though I was producing anything for this blog, so I’m happy that I’m getting some posts published.

I actually spent one writing session on something that was NOT blog related – that’s the first time in months and months that I’ve been able to do that. So I didn’t reach my goal here, but I made some progress, which felt really great.

Takeaway for this week:

I do much more reading when I’m actually enjoying the book. For instance, I devoured A Gentleman in Moscow for multiple hours at a time. But the other books that I abandoned? I probably should have made the choice to give them up them sooner, because I found myself puttering around in the evenings when I could have been eating up a good book! Don’t be afraid to abandon things!

It felt so good to work on a non-blog writing project. I know that I prioritize my writing time for this blog and that makes sense for me right now. I can’t help but dream about the day when my non-blog writing will be the priority though. So — make sure you get in that extra time!

Totally superficial, but I adore my Lamy Safari Vista Fountain pen! I’ve been using it for journaling and in my hobonichi and it’s just gorgeous. The ink just spills out of the nib, it never skips on me, and it just creates a strong line. Beautiful!

Productivity on the weekend continues to elude me. But should that bother me? To be determined!

Your turn! How was your week? Did you get done what you’d hoped? Are you satisfied with what you were able to accomplish? Or are you just glad you survived a crappy week?!


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