Weekly Tarot Spread

Happy Monday morning, friends! Many of you know how much I love reading Tarot cards. You can read My Tarot Philosophy here, but in a nutshell: I love how interpreting the cards taps into the hidden recesses of my brain. I spent a few minutes with my cards last night in anticipation for this week. I am always wondering where I should spend my energy and focus – it’s especially mind-spinning when I factor in our big effort to reduce our debt and stick to a budget. The cards always bring me back from catastrophizing what could happen and help me focus on the moment. Here’s what they said to me last night.


Please keep in mind that I don’t consider myself particularly knowledgeable about any actual meanings of cards. I read these intuitively, with a little help from my guidebook. But even if the book says one thing and my intuition tells me another, I always go with my intuition.

The VIII of Pentacles comes up for me often. It says to keep working, stay diligent. It might feel like you’re hammering out every single penny, but those pennies are adding up. The Hierophant reminds me that I have my own inner discipline; there’s spread in hobono need to try to blame my lack of discipline on anyone else or compare myself to others. I know where I am and what I need to do in order to succeed. Swords are about unpicking a problem – this Page is carefree and taking things as they come. This is a reminder to not get bogged down in my solutions; stay open minded and flexible. What works one day may not work the next, and that’s okay. Just do what it takes to meet your goal.

I was so relieved to see this spread last night – what a great reminder to stay the course even when it feels like it’s not making a difference. The VIII of Pentacles constantly reminds me that it does make a difference, even if incrementally.

I hope you all have a great week and stay focused on what’s important to you – but don’t forget the Page of Swords. There are times when you need to veer off course to meet other needs, and that’s also important!


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