Blue Moon Reading — Attracting Abundance


Did you realize that last night was a Blue Moon? That means that it was the second full moon in a calendar month, but last night’s moon was extra special. Not only was it a blue moon, but it was a blood moon (which means the moon had a red tint) and there was a lunar eclipse. I hope you got to enjoy it — I couldn’t even see it at my house because it was too cloudy. But that’s okay because I still managed to do a full moon Tarot reading!

I found a spread for attracting abundance while browsing Pinterest the other day and thought it would be perfect for last night! We all know that 2018 is my year of abundance so I just couldn’t resist trying this one out.


I couldn’t believe how right on this was. Like I said in my Tarot Philosophy, I don’t believe that reading the cards is anything magical, but it reminds us what we truly believe. This spread helped me reconnect to my true purpose for seeking abundance.

1. My current relationship with allowing abundance

VII of Cups – I’m still thinking of “abundance” in terms of “things.” I want, want, want everything. Clothes, jewelry, books, to knit and sew non-stop, to read every book out there, to achieve, to have a successful and popular blog, to write a novel…. I just want all of the THINGS and MONEY and SUCCESS.

IMG_21082. How to get myself in alignment

Queen of Swords – I need to free myself from that thinking. I need to seek and gather wisdom about what true happiness is for me, not society. It’s not the stuff, but a certain stillness and calm that I can’t seem to find.

3. An energy I need to integrate to have an enlightened perspective on abundance

King of Pentacles – to cultivate an energy of satisfaction with life – comfortable with nature, spirituality, and my level of success.

4. Current blessing I should be grateful for

The Chariot – a thoughtful personality that continues to ponder this even when I feel stuck and it seems useless. Chariot is a victory card; I will figure this out by sheer perseverance, I just know it.

5. What I should be investing energy into to attract abundance

III of Swords – acceptance. Accepting who I am, what I have, and my level of “success” in life. Not constantly looking for more, but for what’s already around me and seeing those as the gifts in life.

Today is the first day of February. I hope you’re able to see it as a new beginning and an opportunity to face the obstacles that got in the way in January. What do you hope to achieve this month? What barriers do you expect to face and how do you plan to get around them?

After last night’s reading, I’ve decided that I’m on a mission to cultivate a spirit of stillness and awareness. To practice pausing instead of reacting. To take deep breaths instead of snapping with a biting response.



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