The Chore That Gives Me Time to Read!

It's not often that I can think of a chore that gives me time back. One that increases my calm by tenfold and allows me to cuddle up on the couch and crack open a good book or swipe open my Kindle. But, readers rejoice - here's something that takes 15-20 minutes a day (max) and I can... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays!

Dear Friends, For my end of year post, I'm not going to reflect on my 2018 goals or set any for 2019. 2018 was a year of lessons - heartbreaking and heartwarming, all at the same time. It was a year of abundance. It was also a year of scraping by. I began transitioning this... Continue Reading →

The Chaos of Clutter

My 2018 word of the year has been abundance. I haven't written about it much but I've been plugging away at my little goals, which are mostly to get rid of the things that are cluttering up my house. I'm hoping that clearing out the extra stuff will allow a little more joy to find its... Continue Reading →

Abundance – Why I Buy?

2018 is about embracing abundance for me! Today's post is one that feels impossible to write, but I think is necessary to dig into. Inevitably, this will be a sloppy and incomplete essay because I can't seem to figure it out. But I'm going to try and I hope that you will stay with me... Continue Reading →

Word of the Year: Abundance

Have you ever picked a theme or a word of the year? With a lot of thought, I’ve decided that I’m going to try it in 2018. After stalking the internet, I’ve decided that my word of the year is going to be Abundance. From Merriam Webster: Definition of abundance 1: an ample quantity : an abundant amount : profusion  a city that... Continue Reading →

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