Three Card Draw – July 29, 2017

I don’t think I’ve ever written about my tarot habit before.  I love tarot cards – not because I think they help me predict the future or because I think I’m psychic, but they help me tap into what I’m really thinking and hoping for.  I’ll spend some time writing about my tarot philosophy soon, but please know that I don’t think there’s anything magical or occult about tarot – but I don’t blame you if you think there is!  I wish magic was real.

I’ve been doing daily draws for a little while now and just tuck them away into my notebook.  I’m always looking for tarot blogs to follow and thought that I would enjoy writing a few tarot posts here and there.  I hope you find them fun and thought-provoking!

I usually start my tarot draw by asking a question.  This morning I was feeling crabby and angry – my two year old woke up much earlier than usual and has slowed my typical morning routine to a crawl!  He is lovely and cuddly, but I’ve come to rely on a couple of hours every morning of “me” time to write my morning pages, do my daily draw, and work on some writing projects.  Obviously, things haven’t gone to plan.  And then I drew these cards:

7-29-17 draw

The Hanged Man is my signifier card – this is the card in the deck that I think most represents me.  This isn’t a card that I drew, but that I always keep on top of the deck to concentrate on when I’m thinking about my question.  When I was first learning tarot I thought this card was a bad omen, but now I realize that he is exactly who I am.  Look how happy he is!  He has lived his life his way and even though it got him caught in a tight spot, he has no regrets.

The other three cards are my draws this morning.  The reversed Empress describes exactly how I’m feeling right now – NOTHING like an Empress.  I am in a bad mood and I feel like a horrible mother for being so irritated.  The Ace of Pentacles reminds me that I am still a student and am learning to control my emotions – everyone is, despite what we might think.  The answer is there, the truth is there, just beyond the garden gate.  Keep practicing.  The reversed IX of wands reminds me that I’m never stuck behind the wall that I’ve built – every moment is a new one and I can choose something different.

And just like that, my spirit is lifted.  I am a good mother and I’m learning more about how to do this every day, just like everyone.  I hope his helps you remember that you are also good at what you struggle with; every moment is a new opportunity to do what you wish you did before.  Have a good Thursday!


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