Journal Prompts – July 2017

I’ve been writing and posting on Instagram about how much I love morning pages for a while now.  I’ve gotten several message from people saying that they’d love to journal or do morning pages, but can never think of anything to say!  And believe me, I’ve been there.  While I’ve been preaching that it’s important to just let things flow with your morning pages, sometimes getting started is the hard part.  Once you get those first few words out of your brain, onto the paper, and then give yourself permission to just spill everything else, it gets easier.  I promise!

But sometimes we all need just a little something to prime the pump.  Today I’m sharing a month of daily prompts that starts on July 1st and goes through the end of the month.  I hope that these are helpful for you when you’re feeling stuck.  This was fun for me to work on, so I hope that I’ll be able to publish these every month!

You can download a printable copy here:  July 2017 prompts

July 2017 journal prompts


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