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Does today feel like Wednesday to you? I’m not sure what the day feels like; I spend the first few seconds of every morning trying to determine what day of the week it is and if I really need to get up (the answer is always yes regardless of the day). This morning was no different and I had to assure myself from several different sources that it was actually Wednesday. So I’m guessing it doesn’t feel like one to me? But here I am, linking up with Kat and the other Unravelers to share my reading and knitting for the week. I’m happy to have some lovely things to share in both categories!


If you read my post on Friday, then you know that quite a bit more unraveling was done on my DRK Everyday Sweater (Ravelry pattern page) last week. TL;DR? The kitten took off with my sweater, pulled it all around the house, and ripped out a bunch of stitches on Thursday after I’d had to rip back on this sweater 3 times already. So on Friday night, I pulled the needles out of this project again and was happy to only have to rip back three rows. So friends, FOURTH time’s the charm here (I hope!). I’ve finally found some forward momentum and finished the third yoke increase yesterday. Goodness gracious.


A Ghost in the Throat is a beautiful book. It’s about a young Irish mother who becomes obsessed with an 18th century Irish poet. She spends her day making to-do lists to take care of her home and giving of herself constantly. But she steals away from everything while she’s nursing and pumping and enters into the world of Eibhlín Dubh, “sipping [her] own dark sustenance from ink.” She translates Dubh’s poem and meticulously researches her family lineage. She visits the known places that Dubh visited and lived. “What’s all this for?”, asks a visiting nurse after the birth of her third child, as she boldly flips through the folders she’s collected on Dubh. It’s because, surprisingly, Eibhlín Dubh’s poem is famous and studied in Irish schools yet there is almost no academic work done on her life. That’s because Dubh is a woman and so much of women’s lives is erased, day after day.

I saw so much of my own daily life in these pages. This is a female text, the book states from the beginning. Maybe you’ll see some of your own life captured here?

It’s been a long time since I read a book nonstop in one day, but I read Sea of Tranquility in one breathless gulp. ESJM fans: I think this is the book we’ve been waiting for! It spans centuries: from settlers in British Columbia in 1912 until the time traveling moon colonies of the 2400s. We revisit Vincent from Mandel’s earlier novel, The Glass Hotel, as we travel through time to understand a space/time glitch that the Time Institute discovered.

This book is about so much. What stood out the most to me was Mandel’s focus on Olive Llewellyn, a pandemic author from the 2200s. Even in the future, Olive still gets questions like, who’s watching your kid while you’re here? Why would you choose to be away from your family to do this work?, etc. It made me wonder if the sections on Olive were semi-autobiographical, given that ESJM was doing promotional tours as her 2014 pandemic novel, Station Eleven, was made into an HBO Max series.

After I finished this book, I realized I only need to read one more book to become a Mandel completist. I’m anxiously awaiting that book through Libby right now!

Bryce and I are still on a roll with Captain Underpants books. I swear we’re reading other stuff too, but we can read one of these in about a week and the other books are a lot meatier. These make for good books to read before bed. The writer is clever – he creates short, propulsive chapters that make it hard to know when to stop. This one is Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo-Boxers. Honestly, I can’t tell you much about the plot. I know they went back to the stone age at one point while their school was shrank and frozen in time? I tend to tune these things out when I’m reading them aloud. We started yet another last night, this one is: The Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space and the Subsequent Assault of the Equally Evil Lunchroom Nerds. It’s a mouthful.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with The Books of Jacob and Coming Home, but no finishes yet. I’m dedicating my listening time to The Books of Jacob (which I’m still very confused by) and my reading time has been focused on Coming Home (I’ve found a good rhythm with this one and am starting to really enjoy it), which has helped my brain stay organized. I’ve decided to focus on those two and then turn to Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell at the end of the month because juggling three books with over 900 pages is not easy!

I hope to be back on Friday with a few pictures of flowers and a quick update on things around here. I hope you find ways to take care of yourself. Until then – please stay cozy!


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  1. Your reviews are always so readable and intriguing, and today I clicked your links as both books sounded superb! Need to finish a Barbara Pym before I get started though. Thanks, always, for the recommendations, and congratulations on your forward momentum. The fourth time is certainly going to be the charm!


    1. Oh, Barbara Pym! I’m planning to read Excellent Women in May if you’d like to join me! I hope you enjoy these books as well – there’s so much to read!


  2. Yes, fourth time is the charm. And what a beautiful color! Will be putting “Sea of Tranquility” on my TBR list. Some time ago for book group, I read “Station Eleven.” Although we all agreed the book had some narrative flaws, most of us liked it and thought Mandel was a young writer with a lot of promise. I guess we were right about that. 😉


  3. Station Eleven is still the only ESJM book I’ve read, though not for lack of wanting to read more. I’m glad to hear the new one is good, too — I’ll get to it eventually! I found Books of Jacob to be very confusing for a long time, and it wasn’t until I was about halfway through that I kind of got a grasp of what what happening. My advice is to just let it take you for a ride and don’t worry about trying to keep track of all the people too much. I think it’s just a book that’s meant to take you on the long journey of a life of one person and that takes side journeys into peripheral characters.

    Glad to hear the sweater is finally on track!


    1. Thanks Juliann! And it’s silly to ask myself that question because I get up at the same time every day, no matter what. But I guess I like knowing if I really HAVE to. (Yes. The answer is always yes! Why such agony every morning??)


    1. Thanks, Cathy! I’m also hoping that Agnes will stay far away from my knitting, but I enjoy her cuddles so much! Boys and Captain Underpants. Sheesh.


  4. I totally understand about not knowing what day it is. I love the beautiful blue color and I truly believe the fourth time will be the charm. Thank you for all the book suggestions. Enjoy the rest of the week.


      1. I’m trying to think of five good things every morning right after I wake up. Some days are easier than others! But it forces me to get moving and try and be positive first thing. I think it helps.


      2. That is such a great idea! Do you write them down? What a wonderful, early morning gratitude journal that could be! But even if you don’t write them down, the practice is such a great idea. I’m going to try to borrow it!

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  5. Happy Easter! I was hoping you got back on track with your sweater and I was curious to see the progress you were making with those THREE long books. Following along the Discord chatter about Jonathan Strange has me thinking I might need to read that one – it’s on (a very short) hold and I might tackle it next month. Also have Sea of Tranquility on hold, and having recently read both Station Eleven and Glass Hotel, I think the sooner I read this new one, the better. I’m excited to meet Vincent again!


    1. I’m LOVING the JS&MN discussion on Discord and it’s making me want to get to it quickly. But I am savoring every word of Coming Home. You were right – Rosamunde Pilcher is totally my jam. And I think Judith Dunbar is going to be a person I’ll think about in so many stages of my life. There are so many passages that are too beautiful and perfect and I have so many hopes for Judith. I can’t wait to see her life unfold.

      And I hope you love Sea of Tranquility. It looks like some on Fiction Matters felt that it lacked depth, but I felt like it hit all the right notes. I like that it was short and it gave me an afternoon of pure breathless delight. Anything longer would have changed the whole tone and mood for me, so it worked out perfectly. I can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

      And you’re leaving tomorrow? Oh my goodness – ENJOY YOUR TRIP!!


  6. Well, hooray for forward momentum on your sweater. The deep blue is beautiful. That first book, A Ghost in the Throat sounds very good to me. How well I remember the Captain Underpants stage with several grandsons. They are fun.


  7. Let me tell you, this week I have no idea what day it is or anything. I have been completely discombobulated. Monday was a holiday which means Tuesday should have felt like Monday but Tuesday felt like Wednesday and what day is it? Thursday? I have no idea. Well, I DO because I taught a class this morning, but everything feels scrambled!


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