Friday | Easter?

Welcome to Friday, friends! Can you believe that Easter is this weekend? It has completely snuck up on me, as usual. Luckily, our yard is looking a little more Spring-like to match the holiday this weekend. I remember the year that we had snow on the ground during our egg hunt – that made things a bit more challenging! Please, make a cup of coffee and let’s catch up with each other.

If you can believe it, another illness has swept through the house this week so we haven’t spent as much time outside. I did manage to get one picture of the bulbs that are starting to shine, but nothing else from our yard. It’s been a week for hot cocoa alongside quiet activities. I’m not even sure if I can describe the weather we’ve had because it’s all been such a blur. I do know that we’ve had plenty of bird visitors in the feeder (that must come down very soon, boo), lots of cardinals flying between trees, and plenty of robins running around the yard.

Last week I mentioned that our dryer had broken and I’d been line drying clothes. After trying a few obvious fixes, it seemed like the issue was going to cost more than a new dryer, so we sprung for one and it was delivered last Sunday. I am so thankful our laundry is no longer dependent on the weather! And if you’re keeping track, in the last year we’ve had to replace our refrigerator, coffee pot, and the dryer. There’s always something to figure out around here! (The coffee pot was the most dire situation for us, obviously.)

I’ve managed to commit myself to reading three books this month that are all 900+ pages. What? Why? How? Obviously, I’ll be hobbling towards the finish line and these finishes will spill over to May. I have the audio for The Books of Jacob so I’m able to listen when I can’t read with my eyes, which will help a lot. (The three books: The Books of Jacob, which I borrowed from the library and must be returned in two weeks; Coming Home and Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, which I’m reading as buddy reads with other Fiction Matters patreon members.)

Thanks for all the sympathy about my unraveling on Wednesday. I restarted the pattern that evening and made the same mistake again. I finally realized what I was doing wrong, ripped it back out on Thursday evening and fixed it! I was on track! Until the kitten managed to wrap herself into my needles and take off out of fright: she pulled the wool from the living room, across the foyer, through the kitchen, down the basement stairs, across the entire basement, wrapped it around the room, and pulled it under a couch we have down there. Needless to say, I lost a few more stitches last night. More unraveling to come tonight. I can’t decide whether I should believe that, 1) this sweater is cursed; or 2) I’m going to be really happy when I finish it. I’m really trying to believe the second one, but…

Tonight I hope to get a little forward momentum on my sweater while watching Atlantic Crossing. I missed this series when it first aired on Masterpiece last year, but my local PBS station started replaying it this week. I have the first episode recorded and waiting for me. Easter will be super low-key; we don’t even have a special menu planned, but I have things for baskets and we’ll do a quick egg hunt on Sunday morning. And after the kids go to bed, I’ll be curling up for my yearly viewing of Chocolat (I watch it every Easter), which will feel extra special since I finished reading the Chocolat series this week.

Do you have any special plans for the weekend? I hope you all have a lovely one with wonderful weather. I’ll be back either on Monday or Wednesday of next week. Until then – stay safe and cozy!


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    1. She really is the most kittenish kitten. Sheesh!! And those bulbs – I walked out to them yesterday and the smell from the hyacinths!! Wonderful!


  1. That must have been quite a sight to see yarn kitten dashing around the house! Appliances big and small always seem to break down in batches. At our house, too. Sorry you are all sick again! Will be interested in hearing what you think about “Jonathan Strange.” Oh, how I loved that book, but I must confess that I mostly skipped the footnotes. 😉 Happy Easter to you and your family. Hope they have a blast searching for Easter eggs.


    1. I almost cried when the kitten took off. I couldn’t believe it! But I’ve recovered and so has she, thankfully. I’m only about 30 pages into Jonathan Strange… Other reader friends who are doing the buddy read are really enjoying it, so I’m looking forward to getting into it a little bit more! I will report back once I’m finished 🙂 Enjoy your weekend, Laurie!

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  2. Happy Easter to you Katie! This month has flown by and I can’t believe it’s already Easter. I love Coming Home…Rosamunde Pilcher is one of my all time favorite authors and have re-read many of her books. Enjoy your weekend 😊


  3. I think that because your sweater has had so many complications starting out, it’s going to be smooth sailing from here on out! You’ve certainly set a lofty reading goal for the month, but I have confidence you can do it. I have about 250 pages left in Books of Jacob and am hoping to finish it by the end of the weekend.

    We have Passover seder with our family tonight (and a smaller one tomorrow) and then plan on relaxing the rest of the weekend. The weather isn’t supposed to be great (rainy tomorrow and cold on Sunday), so it should be a good weekend for staying in with knitting and books.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!


  4. Happy Easter to you! Gonna spend time reading on books. You are right on laundry, no longer dependent on weather!


  5. I love the hyacinth bulbs you have, so bright and cheerful. Cats and knitting just don’t go, and they don’t help much with books either.I am going on a family picnic tomorrow and cooking a family meal on Easter Sunday when there will also be an egg hunt and much chocolate. Happy Easter, xx


    1. Cathy – the hyacinth flowers smell amazing right now. They are so lovely!! And you’re right about cats and knitting not mixing. My older cat almost never messes with my knitting anymore (almost!), so I’m hoping Agnes will also grow out of it. Enjoy your picnic and your Easter meal!


  6. Oh my – those huge books make me twitch! I think we might be headed for a new dryer here too but if the weather would cooperate, I might be able to get by with more line drying too. And, if I were going to wear an Easter bonnet, it would need to be wool. The calendar says April but the weather seems to be stuck in January.


    1. Yikes – sorry that your weather is stuck in winter mode! I hope your dryer situation works out okay and you’re not stuck without one for a period of time. Not fun!


  7. Loving those hyacinths!! I’m sorry you’ve all been sick again. Hoping for good health and sunshine soon! We will do an Easter egg hunt tomorrow at my in-laws’ house. My son and I dyed eggs yesterday and that was fun! I’m glad he still wants to do it.


  8. I just cut some hyacinths from our yard for a vase a couple of days ago – they still smell divine! That kitty!! What a bad girl. If that had happened here I probably would have just given up at that point (especially since our basement is not finished and is filthy!!). Sorry about your dryer. It’s always something, isn’t it?


  9. Our coffee maker started leaking all over the countertop shortly into the pandemic, and damn if I was going to let lockdown get in the way of my coffee! I remember having to do some crazy curbside thing, and it was a panic, because COFFEE.

    Sorry you’ve been sick but those bulbs are gorgeous! We got a huge dump of snow last night, and I hope that our spring starts soon.


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t go a day without a cup of coffee!! 😉 Thanks for your kind words. I’m hoping you get a taste of spring soon!


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