Friday | Late April

Happy Friday, friends. It’s been another cool week with passing rain showers, but no snow since last weekend. I know that many of my blogging friends are still getting dumped on and I’m so thankful that my own feet are firmly planted in the direction of spring. We’re looking at another cool and cloudy weekend, but I will absolutely take it. I’m hoping spring will finally arrive for the entire northern hemisphere soon! Today’s post will be quick because my time is short this morning.

It’s been another chilly week, but we’ve managed to spend plenty of time outside. I’ve wrapped myself in shawls and scarves underneath my winter coat and tried to find every patch of sunshine while playing. I’m happy to share that I think my chamomile has reseeded itself and is growing again! Last year’s chamomile plants were glorious:

last year’s chamomile

but I harvested exactly zero petals for tea! I spent the entire winter pining for how pretty these dried petals would be in my large Weck canning jar on the counter. And I kicked myself every time I used a chamomile tea bag instead of my own leaves in a strainer. This year! This year will be different (she says every year).

I impulsively ordered a kit from Kate Davies’ shop a couple of weeks ago. And, because it was impulsive, I promptly forgot about it. Imagine my delight when this parcel from Scotland was in my mailbox on Wednesday afternoon! It’s for the Auchnaha cardigan (Ravelry pattern page), which reminds me so much of the Reagan cardigan that I made in 2019 (my project page). I wear my Reagan at some point almost every day; I even sleep in it quite often.

My Reagan Cardigan from 2019, in case you’re not up to visiting Ravelry

My Reagan is made out of sturdy Shetland wool and has held up beautifully. I regretted not using a more elegant yarn at the time, but I’m happy with my choice now.

I hope you haven’t been visiting my blog for the last few weeks because of my meal plans. They have been quite poor lately. But I did make this chicken recipe in the Instant Pot yesterday and it was a big hit. I substituted thighs for breasts (of course), tripled up on the seasoning recipe, and added garlic while sautéeing the onions. It made a deep and delicious gravy, which I was quite proud of. I still have no plans for today or next week, but I’m hoping for some cooking on the grill this weekend.

And that’s about all that I time for this morning. I hope to be back early next week with a One Little Word update (I can’t believe it will be the last week of April!). I’m also hoping to carve out some reading time this weekend because I am sunk deep into Coming Home and finding it difficult to put down. But the weekends are never “me” time and that’s okay; I’m just hoping for small slices of time! Until next week – stay cozy!

(P.S. Did you see that The Final Revival of Opal & Nev won the Aspen Words Literary Prize? What a treat!)


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  1. I’m always so happy when I receive an email saying you’ve posted! And today, what a treat to see your daffodils and chamomile. This will be your year, I am sure of it. (Perhaps the harvest could be part of a school project for Blackberry Bluff…) Happy weekend to you and yours!


    1. You’re so kind, Jordy! I think it’s a great idea to implement harvesting chamomile into our school day. Genius! I hope you have a great weekend 🙂


  2. The weather might be a little bit cool, but your flowers are glorious. Ditto for the cardigan. Once again, you are making me reconsider Opal & Nev as I was all set to return it to the library.


    1. Thanks so much, Laurie! And re: Opal & Nev… I think you know that it took me a long time to find my own rhythm with it and I ended up enjoying it. BUT – life is short. If you’re not enjoying it, then I think it’s fine to let it go! I’m a part of a bookish patreon community and many of the members read ALL of the books on some of these long and short lists for the awards. I would say that MOST people in that group were disappointed that Opal & Nev won the award. I think the book had an interesting way of getting its point across, but I don’t think it’s necessary reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know. I think many of them were upset that Opall & Nev was chosen for the shortlist and not The Love Songs of WEB DuBois. I have to say that I agree – I thought Love Songs was amazing… much better than Opal & Nev. But of course, I’m not a literary judge. (And good thing, because I think The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society should win ALL the awards!!)

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      2. We all have our loves and preferences, don’t we? I recently heard Jeffers interviewed on NPR, and I have requested Love Songs through interlibrary loan. The wonderful world of books!


      3. I hope you love it! It’s such a saga. I read it just before the Ahmaud Arbery trial. The book is also set in GA and it pulled everything into such sharp focus for me. I thought it was incredible.

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  3. I love seeing all the plants/flowers coming up! It’s good to know that spring is persevering everywhere, even with winter trying to stick around. We have the first tiny bleeding heart flowers on our plant and green leaves getting bigger by the day on our hydrangeas. Maybe this weekend it’ll finally be time to start our seedlings inside!


  4. I was about to ask what part of the chamomile is used for tea when you answered! I’ve never grown it. It’s pretty! Here’s hoping you get some for tea this year! I still love that blue sweater. Have a great weekend!


  5. I love all of your flowers. The weather here has been quite warm this past week. Mid eighties for several days. What a nice surprise when the yarn arrived. I love the cardigan and I would wear it every chance it looks so cheerful. Have a wonderful week.


    1. I hope you’re able to enjoy your beautiful weather! Thanks for all of your kind words. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend — and Gus!!


  6. Oh look at all that yellow in your yard and … that yarn … I checked out the pattern and LOVE it. Have fun with the knitting!! (I was initially disappointed about Opal&Nev, but I think I get that choice … I do hope more people pick up the book and really read it!)


    1. I’d actually forgotten that Opal & Nev was ON the shortlist, despite finishing it only a couple of weeks ago! I loved the thoughtful conversations on Discord about what books made the shortlist.

      And yes – color is finally arriving! And I’m excited to get going on this new cardigan, but my knitting needles aren’t getting a lot of love lately!


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