Full of Joy Friday | Week 10 of 2021

All week long I keep my heart open for joyful moments that I can share here on Fridays. Knowing that I’ll be writing this post makes such a difference in my life — the little moments that might pass me by are relished and remembered, rather than simply forgotten. We all have spring fever right now and this week’s post certainly reflects that!

+ I’m so happy I got my gardening post up on Tuesday because our yard has already changed. We have a few more tulips beginning to emerge and both crocus beds have itty bitty tips poking out. Bronwyn and I spent a big chunk of time on Tuesday clearing the asparagus beds. It’s still way too early for any to appear, but I want them to have access to every scrap of sunlight possible.

+ This week has been full of sun… and the dreaded mud hasn’t been too unbearable. The mud ices over during the night so it hasn’t been difficult to get Colton past it in the mornings, but the afternoons are a different story! Here’s a snapshot of our driveway this evening:

Mud season is upon us!

+ I have been poring over Cool Flowers and The Flower Farmer. There are so many amazing ideas for flower gardens out there and I can’t wait to get started! I have no interest in becoming a commercial flower farmer, but I do want a spectacular spread that I can enjoy through the summer and share with friends.

+ I used my Agway rewards to buy a new succulent and a pretty pot. I hope I can keep it alive because I have a mixed record with houseplants, especially since children began appearing in my life.

My blog feed has been full of posts reflecting on our lives a year after Covid. The posts have been beautiful and thought-provoking. I can’t imagine writing anything as eloquent as many of you have and I’m not going to try. Maybe I’ll change my mind in a few weeks and have something more to say, but for now I’m focusing on the fact that so many people have lost so much and I’ve been incredibly lucky. I’m sitting with the feelings of sorrow, guilt, and relief all balled into a confused knot in my throat. I’m welcoming it, finding stillness with it, and hoping to use it in some way.

I wish you all good health, peace, and comfort. Have a restorative weekend, dear friends.


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  1. It’s amazing how quickly things change at this time of year. On Wednesday, I saw one crocus flower open. Yesterday, there were more than half a dozen flowers in the same spot!

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    1. Ugh – I know a gaggle of children who also love it!! Ha – just kidding. Luckily I can spray off their boots, coats, and snowpants right outside again!


  2. Ahh Mud Season! And I confess, I laughed right out loud at this line: “I have a mixed record with houseplants, especially since children began appearing in my life.”

    I think house plants did better in my house with littles in residence… they all were the “watering police” lol.


    1. I’m hoping we get to that point soon with our houseplants! I have to be mindful about where I keep them because Colton loves digging them up – eek!


  3. Cool Flowers has changed EVERYTHING for me! I just wish I would have seen it in the fall, lol πŸ™‚

    You SAY you’re not interested in doing anything public with cut flowers, but watch out—I NEVER intended to go commercial, but once you’ve done a cut flower garden, it’s addicting and you want to share it with everyone!!


  4. That is an awesome plant. I specialize in the silk variety. LOL! I had a good Friday, today. I took myself out to the thrifty and snagged a bag of cloth scraps for “crumby” quilting. In it, I found some completed blocks. That is so cool. It allows me to study the construction and to design more of my own. Also, I’ll be sewing them onto my “ugly” quilt for my ScrapHappy post on the 15th. I also picked up a handful of paperbacks to read in the car while I wait for hubby to come out from work. I’m reading Beverly Lewis’ “The Proving” at the moment.


  5. Beautiful plant and pot! I have hardly any direct sun spots for plants in my house, but I have a plant (I don’t even know what kind) on top of my fridge that I’ve managed to keep alive since 2003! It doesn’t require much light, obviously. And currently we’re growing wheatgrass sprouts for Persian New Year, which is March 20. (I just started celebrating it a few years ago – my father didn’t teach me about it as a child.) Have a good weekend, Katie!


    1. You have a house plant that’s nearly 20 years old?! That’s amazing!! You’ve obviously found the perfect plant for you πŸ™‚ I googled wheatgrass sprouts for the Persian New Year and it looks like a really cool practice – it’s a totally new concept to me – thank you for mentioning it in your comment!

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      1. I know – I can’t believe that plant is that old. I’ve repotted it once in that time!

        Persian New Year (Nowruz) is a fairly new concept to me too – as I said, my Dad didn’t celebrate it in America when I was a child. So I’m creating new traditions with James and trying to connect him to that side of his heritage. πŸ™‚

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  6. We had some “mud ice” a few mornings lately and whoa … weird and messy stuff. thankfully, it’s an hour-or-two long season here, not weeks! I’ve been up and down all week about this anniversary of lockdown. I can only hope the vaccines and everyone’s experience with this past year make the next 12 months better (for everyone!). and GOOD LUCK with your plant!


    1. It must have been strange to have frozen mud in GA! It’s definitely not anything I ever saw growing up in Texas. I’m with you – I’m hoping that we can take what we’ve learned from the last year and focus on the things that truly bring joy.


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