A Look Into Our Notebooks | Week 10 of 2021

Good morning, friends! Each Monday I take a few minutes to look at how I used my time the week before. My hope is that I’ll be purposeful with my habits and ensure that I’m choosing activities that align with my goals and values. Last week was sunny and relatively warm, so a lot of our activities skewed towards the outside world, which was a welcome change.

GREEN | Writing Time
Today marks 344 straight days of morning journaling. I think I can, I think I can make it a little further?! I’m trying not to get too caught up into making it to 365 and yet — I’m very close.

Most of my blogging time last week happened after the kids went to bed, which was challenging given that I’m so tired in the evenings. So I’ll keep playing with how I structure my day and find something that works a little better.

ORANGE | “Healthy” Stuff
It was a good week for this category! I meditated, rode the exercise bike, and did yoga every single day last week. I used the bike in the mornings, which is when I’d usually be blogging. I have to say that I really like getting my exercise finished right away because it’s too easy to talk myself out of it otherwise… so I hope to continue with my morning rides yet still find opportunities to sit at my computer every day.

PINK | Reading Time
A pretty good week for reading! I listened to audiobooks during my morning bike rides every day as well, which isn’t clearly marked. I’m riding a wave of wanting to read nearly everything written, so it’s been hard to feel like I’m reading “enough,” but not in a bad way. There’s just so much to get to!

PURPLE | Blackberry Bluff School
It was a very good week of school. We took Tuesday off because Colton was home from his treatment center and we all enjoyed each other’s company and did a ton of playing. I love the flexibility that allows us to value time together over everything else.

BLUE | Outside Time
It was a perfect week for playing outside – we went out every single day! It would have been tragic if we didn’t because the entire week was perfectly sunny, except for yesterday when we had clouds, winds, and some snow flurries as a cold front settles back in over us.

YELLOW | Stitching Time
Oof. This makes 3 weeks in a row of no stitching. I knew that I would have to give something up if I were to focus on exercise and this seems to have fallen to the bottom of the heap. We’ll see when it starts to rise back to the surface.

+ Water – I aim for 64 ounces a day and met my goal 3 days this week, which is much lower than usual. I drank a lot of coffee to get me through my days, which got in the way of my water intake. I’m hoping that I don’t lean on caffeine quite as much this week!

+ Weather – like I said earlier, it’s been gorgeous. And when I compare last week’s weather in my 5 Year Journal, I feel even luckier. Today’s high is forecasted to be in the mid-20s, so I’m going to think back to last week as I brave the cold today. It was a nice reminder of what’s to come (eventually)!

+ Covid – still tracking here and in my 5 year journal. I know it’s going to be an amazing thing to look back on in a few years; we just have to get through it now!

I hope this week is full of reading, playing, and time to think. I wish the same for all of you!


7 thoughts on “A Look Into Our Notebooks | Week 10 of 2021

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  1. I find these posts of yours fascinating. It’s a brilliant idea, which I have stolen, as I too wish to ensure I’m making time for the things that are important to me. Thank you!

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  2. I’m sorry there was still no stitching this week, but good for you for getting in that exercise! (I do wonder if that’s the reason you needed the extra coffee, though!) Perhaps this week if the weather isn’t so conducive to playing outside, you’ll be able to sneak some in.

    I know exactly what you mean about wanting to read all the books. My library holds aren’t helping, either; despite my trying to space them out, I now have two books I’ve been waiting a while to read, so I’m in a rush to finish the first and get to the second.

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  3. Go you on the exercise!! That is an awesome accomplishment in a busy week! Its the time of year that the weather is a key indicator how much knitting I get done… if it is nice out, I spend my time in my garden beds versus being indoors. A rainy week though… that provides a lovely balance for knitting! 🙂

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    1. A rainy week sounds like the perfect way to maintain balance! And today was so windy and cold that we stayed inside all day, which allowed me to play catch up on a few things. Although I wanted to be working in the gardens, it was nice to get a few things done.


  4. The first thing I noticed was the solid week of school AND the outside time. I’m so happy y’all are seeing some “early spring-like” weather up there! and woot for all the reading. I’m a huge fan of audiobooks while I walk – it’s a win-win for sure!


    1. YES! Last week’s weather was amazing and I can’t wait for it to return! This morning I finished my audiobook halfway through my bike ride and decided to turn on music for the second half of my workout… I definitely rode harder and faster with the music, but it seems like such a wasted opportunity to not listen to a book during that time. I’m torn!


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