Gardens | Early March 2021

Hi, friends! This is a weird time for me to publish a blog post, I know. It feels rushed, but I wanted to document where we are right now with our gardens. The week is going to steadily warm up and the snow will start to melt quickly — and I just love being able to look back and see how far we’ve come. So here’s a current snapshot of our front yard, in which we’ve planted bulbs, and our vegetable garden.

Purple circles = crocuses; pink writing = tulips; yellow writing = daffodils; and there are snow drops under the sledding hill

I took this picture yesterday and marked it up to show you where things are planted. The purple circles on the bottom of the picture show the crocus beds – as you can see, the left side is starting to dry up and the right side is still covered in ice.

Same with the tulips – the left side is starting to reveal itself (and two tulips have emerged!) while the right side still has some melting to do.

The daffodils, along the front of the house, tell a slightly different story. The left side of the yard – especially where we’ve piled the snow for the sled hill – might be a little bit behind. But the daffodils on the right side of the yard should start sprouting at any point, because the snow has already pulled back from the house quite a bit. And around the corner of the right side is where we already have daffodils emerging. I shared this picture on Friday, but I’ll do it again today:

They’ve come along a bit further since then and I’ll share another picture in a couple of weeks.

So the front beds are coming along! We have lots of seeds (vegetables and flowers) started in the basement: lavender, chamomile, lettuces, broccoli, cabbage, zinnias, strawflower, hibiscus, basil, snapdragon, and more, I’m sure. I’m excited to put them into the ground, which we’ll have to wait quite a while on. For one, the vegetable garden isn’t ready to be worked yet:

There’s quite a bit of melting left to do here. I think it’ll melt rather fast and, thankfully, we have a ton of rabbit poop ready to spread!! And still – we won’t be able to put most things in the ground until late May because of frost. The anticipation of planting is one of the drawbacks to such a short growing season.

I can’t wait to keep you updated on our progress, especially as the snow melts. I’m planning an epic flower garden this year and hope to be able to share blooms all summer long. It’s been a long winter, friends!

I know so many of you are also garden lovers. Tell me – have you been able to start your garden already this year? And what’s your favorite thing about having a garden?


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  1. You have such a lovely lot of space. I think I love weeding a lot and smelling the fresh earth. The bulbs are looking good, and i am ridiculously excited to be shortly taking delivery of a garden dustbin, so then I can do hedges.


  2. I love the excitement that builds as the weather warms up! My garden is calling me… and I am itching to get out there! I love the promise that spring brings!


  3. I am excited for you for all the flowers to start popping up! I am not much of a gardener, but someone who owned the house before us planted daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and roses in the strip of land along our driveway, so I get to enjoy those every day in the spring and summer. We had an ugly little tree (some sort of evergreen) removed at the front corner of the porch, which is on the side of our house, last year, so I am looking forward to planting something in its place because that spot gets a lot of sun. I’d love a bed of lavender there!

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  4. So NOT a garden girl here … and questioning the spread of rabbit poop – have you been collecting it? I see mostly deer poop around her but I think it’s similar – small pellets. Holly loves them…


    1. Ha! Yes – rabbit poop is very similar to deer poop. I have so much of it because I have two bunnies. And it does amazing things in the garden!!


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