Reading This Week | 10 of 2021

Happy Wednesday! I’m here today to share the books I’ve finished reading since we met last Wednesday. I finished two – and enjoyed them both immensely.

Vesper Flights by Helen Macdonald
File this one under Books That I Wouldn’t Have Been Able to Finish in Print Yet Adored On Audio. This is a collection of nature essays that show how much we can learn about our fellow humans by studying the wildlife around us. Macdonald seems to have a particular interest in immigration and she beautifully wove in stories about the immigration patterns of many species, including homo sapiens. Some essays were tear jerkers and others had me laughing out loud. My favorite was the one about animal blinds and how some observers have been known to leave the blind after hearing a fellow observer misidentify animals (the one in which she scared the cows is a very close second place). It makes me hopeful to know that there are still so many naturalists out in the world!

These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder
This was the first time I’ve read this book and I think it might be my favorite one of the series (do I say that every time?). I had a big, goofy grin on my face nearly the whole time I listened to it. This book details the last few years of Laura’s schooling, the three summers that she taught school in little towns nearby, and her courtship with Almanzo Wilder. Friends, I swooned every time Almanzo’s horses flew into town to take her home on weekends while she was away teaching or when he’d arrive at their homestead to take her on Sunday rides. The next book in the series is the last and I’m nervous – I always bawl at the ends of things (which is why I still haven’t watched the last season of Parks and Rec) and know that I’ll be overcome with something when it ends. I still have a couple of weeks until my library hold is up so I have time to prepare myself.

Both of these books were so satisfying in their own ways. It’s nice when that happens! I’m looking forward to another week of reading – may you have a week filled with good books!


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  1. I loved, loved, loved Happy Golden Years! And I have had Vesper Flights on my “want to read” list… thank you for the recommendation to listen to it!


    1. You’re welcome! I think it made all of the difference for me. Now I’m looking forward to reading her other one – H is for Hawk – which I’ve heard is also amazing on audio.


  2. I’ve never read the Little House books beyond the first one many decades ago…. I have dvds of all the shows. I’ll have to find them and remedy that. Right now, I’m reading “Mycroft and Sherlock” by Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse. I’m finding it rather stimulating and intelligently written. I also just finished a Harlequin titled “Sheriff’s Star” about a single mom with a Down’s daughter…. it actually had a very good story line to it for what it was.


      1. I didn’t know he could write… just play basketball. This book is really entertaining my mind. I love that it is written so intelligently… that is, above 4th grade level. Seriously…the Holmes series have always really fed my mind and kept me engaged to the end of the story.


    1. Not yet! The Libby app says that I have about 4 weeks to wait, but I’m hoping it goes by more quickly than expected. And I’m nervous about the ending… I hope it doesn’t wreck me!


  3. These Happy Golden Years has me crying bittersweet tears throughout. I read the series every few years and always find more to love about it. I re-read Farmer Boy over the summer and I think it’s the cutest book I’ve ever read. Garth Williams illustrations are just so amazing too.


    1. So many of us are fans of the series – I love it! I’ve been listening to them on audio, which has been great fun, but I’m missing out on the illustrations!


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