What’s Saving My Life | Spring 2022

I typically write about what's saving my life in February, which is when Anne Bogel does her annual link up to help us all through the winter doldrums. But I was inspired to do an updated version after listening to a recent episode of The Next Right Thing. Emily P. Freeman recorded her own version... Continue Reading →

Friday | Spring Might Be Here

Well, well, well. Welcome to Friday; we have made it through this frightful week! As I type this, the sun hasn't quite risen but the sky is full of light. It's a coral-y color with a few purple clouds and the pastel tone of it all is making me quite happy even when the outside... Continue Reading →

Surrender | April 2022

April is nearing its end! What a month. I'm flipping back through my notebook to remember some of the highlights. It was simply a delightful one: full of friends, writing, good books (oh, the good books!!), time outside, and the anticipation of a new season. Now I'm ready to settle in and think about my... Continue Reading →

Friday | A Blurry Week!

Good morning, friends. This morning's post will be an abbreviated one. It's been a tough week and my writing time is short this morning, but I try to remember that this is an important habit for me to keep, however imperfectly. There's another cold running through the house, quite a bit of friction between the... Continue Reading →

Hello to Fridays in March

Last week I was so happy to share that the snow had pulled back from the house just enough to reveal a few tulip tips. This week, we're under a fresh blanket of snow and have braved some very cold temperatures. But that quick thaw in February gave me so much hope for spring, despite... Continue Reading →

A Snowy Late February Friday

The last Friday in February! How can that be? Matthew has been on vacation this week and it's been enjoyable (and helpful!) to have him home in the evenings. Overall, this has been a challenging week. Just as our colds were clearing up, the stomach bug hit us. Last Thursday, Colton came home with it.... Continue Reading →

A Friday Happy Birthday

Today is my 38th birthday! Matthew had arranged for his sister to watch the kids around lunchtime so that we could go out to eat together for the first time since March 2019 - a full year before the pandemic even began. Yesterday we decided it wise that we cancel because we are both battling... Continue Reading →

Snow Day!

Welcome to February! I know that February is hard for a lot of people, but it's my birth month and has always been one of my favorites. Of course -- Februarys in New Hampshire are different than the ones I grew up with in Texas. But this is the month when I really start to... Continue Reading →

The Last Friday in January

Wow - here we go! 2022 is already in a hurry and January is nearly behind us. I want to thank you all for your kind words and support with my word this year. The word Surrender has a negative connotation for me, so I'm looking forward to the challenge of flipping its meaning as... Continue Reading →

Surrender | January 2022

It's time to talk about my One Little Word for 2022. Picking this year's word has been a journey. I had my 2021 word picked out well in advance and was so excited to get started. My 2022 word has been much more elusive and has changed a few times, including just a week or... Continue Reading →

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