Wait — Could That Be A Crocus?

You know what those are, right? Those are crocus blades! I took this picture on Monday and, although the crocuses have been recovered with snow, I know that they are down there and patiently waiting for spring. And that makes everything a little bit better. I signed off on Wednesday promising a Friday post and, despite the hour, I’ve managed to write one. I was hoping to share a finished knitting project today but still haven’t taken any pictures of it, so this will be a good old fashioned Friday round-up of joy.

💻 Do you subscribe to Austin Kleon’s newsletter? It’s always full of the most wonderful things. Today he included a link to a post he wrote: A blog post is a search query to find your people. I love this! And it makes me think about my Zettelkasten post and filling a blog full of things that you love because, in time, your tribe will arrive.

🪵 Krista Tippett is back! Last week she interviewed the fabulous Ada Límon, our newest US Poet Laureate. Her interview was funny and poignant — I laughed and cried while making our Sunday pancakes. This week’s interview is with Nick Offerman and he talks about wood working and Wendell Berry. I’ve only listened to half of this episode and have already wept. I can’t wait to finish it.

📘 I ordered an April start Hobonichi Techo for my birthday this year and it arrived today. I’m going to use it for my morning journaling and am so excited! It was a splurge but the cover is gorgeous and I can reuse it with other A6 notebooks.

Thursday’s snowstorm massively underperformed and we only got about 3″. But today has been incredibly frigid and tomorrow will be more of the same, so we won’t be spending very much time outside in the snow this weekend! I am really hoping to find some quiet time for a little reading but that is especially hard on the weekends – wish me luck. I hope your weekend is full of exactly what you need. Take good care.


17 thoughts on “Wait — Could That Be A Crocus?

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  1. Those First signs of Spring are so welcome. My crocuses are now in flower. Hurrah. Hope you have a good weekend. My plans are lunch out with family, church, knitting and reading.


  2. No crocuses here at the new place but I did plant daffodils last fall. They haven’t popped through yet. We got rain last week instead of snow but overnite last night, we did get some snow. Have a calm pleasant weekend!


    1. It’s only a matter time until the daffodils show up! Glad you got some snow — it makes the cold weather feel worthwhile. I hope your weekend was wonderful!


  3. Krista Tippett is knocking it out of the park this season! I loved last week’s poetry conversation, and yesterday’s … yes, I cried, too! Your new planner is stunning. wow. happy birthday to you!


    1. Thanks, Mary! I was thrilled to finally buy another hobonichi since I’ve been pining over them for the last few years. I bought a small hobonichi notebook earlier in the month and loved it so much that I decided to splurge and go for the bigger planner. I’m glad I did 🙂


  4. Spring must really be coming if you’re seeing crocus blades coming up! We’re obviously a bit ahead of you here, but I always celebrate a little when I see my first crocus bloom. It’s always a bit of reassurance that no, everything did not die over the winter. I remember how that reassurance was even more welcome at this time three years ago, when everything seemed so bleak.

    I hope you can find a little quiet time to read this weekend — any chance the kids can go tire themselves out playing in the snow?


  5. Congratulations on that new journal. It looks beautiful. Happy Birthday too. I love the quote about blogging. I hope the weekend is a good one for you and your family.


    1. I hate to agree with you Nicole, but I think you WILL have to wait a little while longer for your crocuses! And ours are covered with snow again. I’m tempted to dig them out but know they need the insulation!


  6. What a beautiful journal and a wonderful present to yourself! Love seeing that your crocus blades poked up (even if only briefly before being covered again). Hope your weekend was a good one.


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