November Stitching Update | Junction Sweater and Annie Bayliss – God Save the Queen

Happy Friday! I hope the week has been treating you well. We’re looking at a rainy Friday night and Saturday for the weekend and there’s snow in the forecast for next week. I’m hoping to settle in with an audiobook and a pile of stitching on those rainy and snowy evenings after the kids get into bed. I haven’t shared any of my projects with you in a while, so today’s post is dedicated to what I’ve been working on lately.

I finally cast on for the Junction sweater (Ravelry link) this week! This is my first time to do a folded collar and it’s the coolest thing ever. First of all: the provisional cast on. A crochet provisional cast on was my go-to method for starting toe-up socks for a very long time. BUT! I would always crochet the chain and then knit into each individual bump to get the toe started and I wasn’t looking forward to picking up 128 stitches that way. With this tutorial, I learned that you can hold your crochet hook and your needle together and just crochet those stitches straight onto the needle. It’s incredible. It’s thrilling! And before I knew it, I had 3″ of the collar all knit up:

Second of all, I wasn’t looking forward to unzipping the provisional cast on and picking up each individual stitch on a separate needle and knitting all of those stitches together. And then this tutorial blew my mind a second time! I was amazed how easily the folded collar came together:

Knitwear designers are geniuses. I love it! And now I’m off to the races on the yoke of this sweater. I’ve already used the word ‘thrilling’ to describe this process, but it perfectly describes how I feel about this project.

I’ve also made some progress on Annie Bayliss – God Save the Queen. I was working on this while watching Magpie Murders a couple of Sundays ago and towards the end of the show (around 10pm) my eyes were starting to cross. When I sat down with this project again a few days later I realized that I’d added an extra stitch on the left border, so I ended up spending one of my stitching days unpicking that border and then another putting it back on. And that’s how it goes! One little mistake can take me two days of stitching to fix because of how small my stitching windows are. I thought about leaving it because I’m not a flaming perfectionist but it was very, very obvious and kept catching my eye. So out it went!

A lot of these darning stitches and divider rows are stitched over 1 thread of linen and are very difficult. Sometimes I feel like I’m just guessing where those holes are but so far it’s turning out well enough. I have my dedication to the Queen nearly all sketched up and I’m looking forward to getting to that part, but there are several alphabets to get through first!

I’ve also been doing some quilting, but I’m saving those pictures for a post next week. And these two projects are interesting enough to keep me busy for quite a while anyway! I’m already looking forward to Sunday night’s episode of Magpie Murders and Matthew and I will be starting the new season of The Crown on Saturday night. I’m also having a little meet-up with a group of friends tomorrow afternoon! I hope your weekend is exactly what you need it to be. Until then – take good care.


14 thoughts on “November Stitching Update | Junction Sweater and Annie Bayliss – God Save the Queen

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  1. Lovely projects. I admire your courage to take out the error and do all that is required to correct it. I usually don’t…if it takes that much work. I always appreciate the organization you have and admire your ability to plan and follow through. You are an inspiration to me.


  2. I’m glad you discovered that trick to a crochet provisional cast-on — I’ve been using it for years and have been wondering why people continue to use the method where they have to get the needle into the back of a chain. I’ll blow your mind some more: You can also use this as a regular cast-on and end up with an edge that is very flexible and also looks like a cast-off edge!

    We’ve got a ton of rain here today that might turn into flurries this weekend, so we’ll also be staying cozy inside here (although I’ve taken today off from work and have a bunch of errands to run, so the heavy raincoat will be getting a good workout!). I hope it’s a good weekend for you!

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  3. Whew, that stitching is incredible Katie! And that collar… wow!

    I watched the first episode of The Crown yesterday and I will be interested in your thoughts on it!


  4. I can’t wait to see the finished sweater. The collar looks amazing. I am right there with you if I catch a mistake in my work and I keep checking it out I know I might as well just rip it out and redo it. I can’t let it go. I also love the cross stitch you are working on. I abandoned my Halloween pattern but will definitely finish it before next year. I was really close. Now I will pick up the one I was working on for Valentine’s from previously this year. Have a fun weekend.


    1. I am also a seasonal stitcher! I bet you’ll have that Halloween pattern finished when you pick it up again next spooky season. I think it’s the perfect time to move on to your Valentine’s project. I hope you’re having fun with it!

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  5. That folded collar is so cool! Go you!!! Nice to see your stitching again. we watched Magpie Murders tonight…I’m never really interested when an episode starts, but then I get sucked in! We started the new season of The Crown last Wednesday.


    1. Thanks, Vera! I was amazed when it actually worked out 🙂 I am really enjoying Magpie Murders – I hope they do a second season based on Moonflower Murders. And I hope you’re enjoying The Crown!!


  6. Two lovely projects for sure. Hope you had lots of crafting time over the weekend. As for me I was at an all day needlefelting workshop yesterday and today am a mental and physical wreck, but it was worth it for the result.


    1. Thanks, Cathy! I spent my weekend stitching time binding a quilt, which is a lovely way to spend a Saturday and Sunday night 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the needlefelting workshop and that you’ve recovered by now!!


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