A Frigid Week

What a January so far! We've had two sub-zero mornings this week and it has been brisk. I've been surviving on warm drinks, settling in with homeschooling each morning, and dreaming about my garden this year. We've also been doing more cleaning out/rearranging the basement, which continues to confound me. We've only been in this... Continue Reading →

Unraveled Wednesday – Week 50 of 2020

Kat at As Kat Knits hosts Unraveled Wednesday each week - a gathering of bloggers who share their reading and stitching for the week. Today I'm sharing several finished books (!), my current cross-stitch obsession, and an update on my scrappy crossroads quilt. Finished Reading This Week To The Bright Edge of the World by... Continue Reading →

Planning for The Gideon Method

Last Friday I wrote about The Gideon Method - a strategy for cycling through your unfinished projects. I'm not drowning in unfinished projects, which is the good thing. But I have so many interests and can find it difficult to settle on any one project. And then I begin to feel overwhelmed by whatever my... Continue Reading →

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