The Case of the Mystery Gauge Swatch

Thank you everyone for your well wishes in my last post. Colton is pretty much back to normal but the rest of us are struggling. And it always makes the weekends hard when one child isn't sick but the rest of us are. Colton was pretty bored and impatient with us, especially given that we... Continue Reading →

Friday | A March Knitting Update

First of all - Thank you all for your well-wishes on Wednesday's post. Colton is still coughing, but he was fever-free yesterday so I'm pretty sure he's going to school today (for the first day this week!). I'm still fighting a fever but am feeling much better overall. And last night I was up and... Continue Reading →

A Weekend Full of Leaves

Last week was a strange one - I couldn't pull anything together for the blog for some reason. I feel bad about missing my Monday and Friday posts, but that's just how it goes sometimes. I'm hoping this will be a more typical week for me! This is the picture I meant to share on... Continue Reading →

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