Weekend Stitching

What a weekend! I don’t think the weather could have been more perfect. We spent massive chunks of time outside and braved the arrival of all of the bugs because the sunshine was too good to pass up. I watched a good bit of the coronation with Colton at my side on Saturday morning. What an amazing show! It definitely cemented the fact that I would never want to be a royal because I’d be so uncomfortable with all of those cameras on me all of the time. But the whole thing was fascinating and beautiful. (I’ve decided to delete most of this paragraph. It is my own rambling thoughts on British Imperialism and the use of tax dollars to pay for the Coronation. It’s an important discussion, but way too much for my opening paragraph of THIS post and a Monday morning. But please know that while I enjoyed the Coronation, my conscience was niggling away at me throughout it all.)

Anyway – I ended Friday’s blog post with a promise to stitch over the weekend. And hallelujah – I managed to do it. I worked on two projects over the weekend and am excited to share their progress with you!

The biggest news is that I finished Annie Bayliss! I didn’t press the linen before I snapped this picture so it looks a mess, but it is finished! Annie Bayliss stitched this design in 1887 to honor Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. Hands Across the Sea reproduced and released this pattern in late 2021 to honor Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

I began this sampler on January 1, 2022 with the full intention of finishing it by the Queen’s jubilee that summer. By June, I was nowhere near finishing it. When the Queen died in September, I decided to dust off this project and to sketch out a dedication to her. I found the pattern for the crown motifs in this free download from Hands Across the Sea.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this finish. This is a small pattern but I found it to be very challenging because most of the stitching is done over one thread of linen and those x’s are very small. I learned an important stitching lesson with this project: lighting is key for me! All of the dividing bands and darning sections were a lot of fun and challenging — the very best way to spend my time. I’m also pleased that I finished this on Coronation Weekend. It seemed like the most fitting way to honor Queen Elizabeth’s amazing and inspiring life.

Next steps: a trip to Michael’s to look for a frame and backing board. I am going to try to stretch and lace this myself. Wish me luck!

I’m pleased to share that I made some progress on my Junction sweater. I knit the second yoke increase and have started the second brioche section on Saturday evening. I have to admit that I’m nervous about messing this one up again so I’ve been hesitant to pick it up, but it’s truly a joy to work on. This sweater is going to have a massive post once it’s finished because it’s been such a wild ride! (for new readers: I finished this sweater earlier this year but it was way too big for me. I unraveled the whole thing and am starting again.)

Despite the stitching that I managed over the weekend, I have done so little reading in the last few weeks that I’m almost embarrassed. I keep starting books and then putting them aside; nothing is holding my attention for more than a paragraph or two. I can think of two reasons for this: 1) I’m on a book high after reading Homecoming by Kate Morton and know that there’s nothing else like it on this month’s TBR; and 2) my responsibilities at home have been refocused thanks to this intense toileting program I’m running with Colton. My evenings are so much more exhausting than they were before and I have such little energy left after getting the kids into bed at night. Most of my reading typically happens after 9pm and I have almost no brainpower left at that point right now. This will pass and my reading mojo will return but I’m not sure what I’ll write about on Wednesday!

With that said, I hope to be back on Wednesday with a reading update. I hope your week starts off wonderfully! Take good care.


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  1. Glad you got to enjoy the sun AND the bugs! I confess that I’m not sorry to hear that your reading has slowed a bit. After I decided to try to keep up with you and read the books on the short list, I got sidetracked by a friend’s mention of a book of short stories by Margaret Atwood — Old Babes in the Wood. It’s quirky and enjoyable, AND I haven’t even started on my short list goal. LOL.


  2. I’m so glad you were all able to get outside this weekend! And congrats on your beautiful finished piece! It seems fitting that you finished it this weekend. I didn’t set out to watch the coronation, but it was on when I turned on the TV Saturday morning (to be honest, I’d completely forgotten about it and just wanted the news!), so I saw some of the end. After reading Spare, I’m pretty much over the royal family.


  3. That stitching is lovely, Katie! I don’t think I have the skills to frame a cross stitch piece! I will be sending you all the juju I can muster! XO


  4. Congrats on finishing Annie Bayliss. It’s lovely! You should be proud.

    Please don’t ever feel embarrassed about not reading “enough.” Maybe in those moments you can remind yourself how much the “average” American reads a year, ha ha! Bookriot has an article saying that the median is four books a year. 🙂

    You are doing A LOT right now. Raising and schooling three small kids! And the toilet training program. You’re killing it, Katie!


  5. oh that sampler is beautiful! (how big is it? I know the stitches are tiny, and I’m having a hard time … 5×7? bigger? smaller?) I smiled about you being hesitant to pick up your knitting because you’re nervous about it … because of course waiting to knit it isn’t gonna help! It looks great and if you get a bit more done maybe you’ll be able to see that you’re on track? AND I’ve just finished three 5-star books in a row (Fire Rush, Bel Canto, Transit of Venus) … I’m pretty sure you have at least one of those on your TBR? sending more good vibes your way for the toileting. and more wishes for some good sleep!


  6. That sampler is amazing. Congratulations on finishing it. I’m holding good thoughts for the toileting program. That is a lot of work. Sometimes when I finish a book I absolutely love, I pick up a book in a completely different genre. It seems to help get over the feeling that absolutely nothing will match what I have just finished.


  7. Congratulations on a beautiful finish Katie! You must be so proud…and the perfect weekend for finishing as well. Sometimes reading slumps happen, but take comfort in knowing your reading mojo WILL return (and most likely with a vengeance!!)


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