November Stitching Update | Junction Sweater and Annie Bayliss – God Save the Queen

Happy Friday! I hope the week has been treating you well. We're looking at a rainy Friday night and Saturday for the weekend and there's snow in the forecast for next week. I'm hoping to settle in with an audiobook and a pile of stitching on those rainy and snowy evenings after the kids get... Continue Reading →

An Olympic Week

Friends, despite some freezing rain and snow on Tuesday morning, it's been a delightfully sunny and warm week. We've even gotten above freezing a time or two! The birds have been busy at our window feeder, the cats have been frolicking in the house, and I've been soaking up the sunshine with a warm cup... Continue Reading →

A Frigid Week

What a January so far! We've had two sub-zero mornings this week and it has been brisk. I've been surviving on warm drinks, settling in with homeschooling each morning, and dreaming about my garden this year. We've also been doing more cleaning out/rearranging the basement, which continues to confound me. We've only been in this... Continue Reading →

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