A Weekend Full of Leaves

Last week was a strange one – I couldn’t pull anything together for the blog for some reason. I feel bad about missing my Monday and Friday posts, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. I’m hoping this will be a more typical week for me! This is the picture I meant to share on Friday. Our tree looks like it’s nearly done but I’ve learned the hard way. There’s still hundreds (thousands?) of leaves up there and they will all end up on the ground. Our front yard will be a carpet of dead leaves soon! I love driving down the road and seeing everyone’s yard look exactly like ours.

There are more leaves to come. The kids love making little paths through them, getting buried by them, and throwing them up in the air. It’s good and cheap fun! Matthew and I managed to rake them all up yesterday and the kids enjoyed jumping into the piles and spreading them out all over again. But when we went inside, they were all in one giant pile and it started raining overnight (and will rain for the next three days?) so that will weigh them down and hopefully (!) they won’t blow all over the place again. Then that pile will turn into mulch and we can use it in the gardens. Circle of life, or something.

I wound the yarn for my Junction sweater (Ravelry link) this weekend. I’ve had a lot of doubts about this one, but I think I’ll keep calm and knit on. Remember when I bought this yarn at the NH Sheep and Wool Festival? And remember that I thought I was getting three hanks of the same shade but when I got home I realized that I ended up with an oddball one (because the yarn didn’t have tags!)? Yes – there it is on the left. I’m going to do my swatch and start the collar with the oddball. And then I’ll just alternate balls every few rows. It will be obvious that there’s a random color but hope that it will only add to the charm of the sweater.

My second worry was that I didn’t buy enough yarn, but I remember standing at the stall and doing the math several times to make sure I had enough. And when I wound them up, my ball winder almost couldn’t handle it all! So I’m pretty sure that I’ll be okay. If not, then I’ll just end up with a short sleeved sweater and that’s okay too.

I was going to knit the swatch last night but decided to work on my Inclinations Cowl (my Ravelry link) while watching Magpie Murders instead. I’m hoping to settle in with an audiobook tonight and do it then. It’s possible for me to finish this by the end of the year and I think this would make a lovely sweater for the holidays! And I love this yarn – it seems so rustic, which is something I’m suddenly into. I’m shifting towards fibers that look more natural and can withstand heavy wear. Maybe it’s a maturity thing? Who knows? But I was taken by Knit Picks’ most recent catalog, which was full of natural fibers.

Whew! I was worried that I was going to give up on this post and not publish anything today. I’m glad that I broke the ice and just wrote something anyway. I’m planning to be back on Wednesday with an update on this week’s reading. Until then – take good care.


15 thoughts on “A Weekend Full of Leaves

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  1. I love all the leaves! I especially love driving down tree-lined streets in the fall and not only seeing all the colors but seeing the leaves all over the streets. It just always feels the like the picturesque fall scenery. 🙂 And those are beautiful colors of yarn for the sweater! I bet it is going to be beautiful!

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  2. In my neighborhood, there seems to be a war on leaves — there are always landscapers with leaf blowers out collecting them. And it makes me sad, because I know how good they can be for the soil if they’re allowed to sit and decompose. I did manage to get a bunch into our composter, and of course there are still more to fall. I’ve enjoyed the few areas where they’ve fallen and no one has swept them up. There is nothing quite like crunching through freshly fallen leaves on a crisp fall morning!

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  3. I miss the scent of burning leaves in the fall. There were always piles of leaves being burned when I was a kid growing up. We’d ride our bikes around the neighborhood just to see and smell! Love the colors of your yarn for Junction. I think the “oddball” skein will fit in very nicely.

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    1. I think you’d enjoy Unlikely Animals by Annie Hartnett on audio, Juliann. It’s heartwarming and funny, while tackling some difficult topics. And other than that, I think we’re probably listening to a lot of the same books!


  4. I raked some leaves yesterday- I do let some stay in the backyard unraked because it’s good for the soil and insects. It felt good to be outside in the sun doing something “fall-ish.” The leaves have been so lovely this fall.


  5. The only deciduous tree in our yard is a pin oak … so I get to look forward to a carpet of brown leaves every spring 😉 your tree is much better for the fall! and I’m sure that yarn is going to knit up beautifully – how could it not?!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Mary! I still haven’t cast on for the sweater – long story. I’m hoping to do that tonight! I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy some leaves in your own yard. I hope the clean up is easy for you!


  6. As you can tell I am way behind with reading posts. Your garden looks like mine. A massive carpet of leaves. If the sun comes out this afternoon I shall sweep some up. Love the yarn you have for the latest project, sure it’s going to be grand.


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