Friday | The End of an Era

Good morning! I hope you’re happy that it’s Friday. Fall continues to arrive in New Hampshire – the apple orchards opened for picking last weekend, school has started, and the nights are delightfully cool. And we have more sunflowers blooming! I hope you’re also seeing signs of the changing season wherever you are because we all earned it after this brutal summer. Today’s post is about losing Queen Elizabeth, an update to the start of our school year, and knitting. Kind of a smorgasbord, but that’s the kind of week it’s been.

I followed the news about Queen Elizabeth all day yesterday. I have such an interest in the royal family and Elizabeth in particular. (My in-laws seem to think I wish I was a princess? I’ve been called Princess Katie a time or two, to my profound dismay. But that’s not the case at all – I have no desire to be a part of the royal family. I just love learning about the history and watching history before my eyes, and I’m anxious to ensure that you don’t get the wrong impression about my interest.) What a loss. What a life! I’ll be tuning into all of the subsequent pomp and circumstance as much as I can. Of course, for most of us this will be the first time we’ll experience the death of an English Queen*. I brewed Earl Gray during yesterday’s teatime because it was the queen’s favorite and we opted to turn on the television at the table because it felt like a special occasion. I have a feeling we’ll be doing that more often in the coming days.

We’re wiggling into our new routines now that we’ve begun school in earnest for the year. I have to admit that it’s been hard. I was quite spoiled with our summer school routine and often found a few pockets of time for myself throughout the day. In the last few days I’ve managed to read about 10 pages on my own, which is not at all conducive to finishing the big books I’d hoped to tackle this month. On top of that, my early morning time has been coopted by a couple of early rising children, so my time at the computer has dwindled considerably this week. I know I’ll figure out my rhythm again as time goes on so I’m trying not to get too upset about it AND wow — our homeschooling days are finally looking the way I envisioned them before we started this journey. It makes it all worthwhile.

The news about the queen was kind of serendipitous for me because we’ve been steeped in English history this week. We’ve studied the first Elizabethan Era in our history lessons, started a middle grade novel called Shakespeare’s Secret (it’s so good and I’m way more into it than the kids), began learning bits about Shakespeare’s plays, and I’ve watched some of Queen Elizabeth’s Secret Agents and The Boleyns on my own in the evenings. So whew! – things truly felt like they came full circle for me on Thursday morning when I first got the alerts about the queen.

I haven’t shared any knitting progress in quite a while. I actually didn’t pick up my needles much throughout August but returned last week when Colton was so sick. It was much easier to pick up/put down a knitting project than put down a book and then try to find my bearings again after each clean up. This is my Inclinations Cowl and its progress is slow. I really have to look at this while I’m knitting because it uses half-fisherman’s rib, where you knit through the stitch in the row below, not off the needle. So I have to be careful about when I sit down to work on it; it’s definitely not a project for a show with sub-titles! It’s perfect when paired with an audiobook, but opportunities for that have been few and far between.

My most recent pair of DRK Everyday Socks are much more convenient to pick up/put down. I finished the first sock last Friday while lazing on the couch with Grantchester and was smart and immediately started the toe of the next. I’ve finished the increased gusset and hope to turn that heel tonight so that it becomes mindless again. I’m anxious to finish this pair so that I can cast on with the yarn that Sarah sent me. I’m petting it as I type this!

Also! Kat mentioned using the suspended bind off on a recent pair of socks and loving it. I tried it with this one and YES! It’s amazing. It made the perfectly straight edge that I’ve been looking for since about 2005. So thank you, Kat!

And friends, that’s all I have for this week. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull things together for a post on Monday, but I will try. I hope you have a weekend full of exactly what you need. Take good care.

*I had a really hard time knowing what to capitalize throughout this post and didn’t have time to study up on it. So I’m presenting you with a smorgasbord of options (second time I’ve used that word today, oh boy), and you can choose what works better for you. You’re welcome.


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  1. I’ve always been fascinated with the royal family as well, perhaps because we have nothing like royalty in our country. And the queen always had a special place in my heart because of her Corgis! I know there are a lot of issues related to the monarchy and the history of colonialism, and I’m not dismissing them, but I also enjoy all the pageantry and pomp and circumstance.

    I hope your schedule settles soon and allows you some more time to read and craft!


  2. Nice to hear that your home schooling year is off to a good start Katie. I cannot imagine home schooling – lol. It’s got to be a ton of work. Your knitting looks so nice. Love the shades of blue you are using. I want to try toe up socks at some point – I always knit cuff down. It is going to be interesting to see how events unroll with the passing of Queen Elizabeth. So hard to believe she was on the thrown for longer than any Britich monarch!


  3. I am weirdly fascinated by the Royal Family, although I do see the problematic things about the institution as well. I’m sorry for the family who lost a beloved mother and grandmother. I wish you well in your new school year! And your cowl is looking lovely. Have a great weekend!


    1. I agree with your thoughts about the monarchy. I’m hoping Charles will help the institution transition more from “colonizer” to something more respectful. And still — Elizabeth is an inspiration. Thanks for all of your kind words!

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  4. Good morning Katie! Yesterday was a historic day and it’s hard to imagine that Queen Elizabeth is gone. She was a phenomenal woman. Thank you so much for sharing the PBS link for Elizabeth’s Secret Agents, just added that to my watch list. We’re watching the Boleyns now, which is quite interesting. I too have a fascination about the royals, but mine is more of time of the Tudors. Your knitting is lovely and I definitely will be trying the suspended bind off. Enjoy your day ☺️


    1. I hope you love Elizabeth’s Secret Agents – it was a lot of fun for me. The Tudors were SO fascinating. We finished The Boleyns over the weekend and let me tell you… I’m so glad that I don’t have to play those political games!! Good luck with the suspended bind off!!

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      1. The Tudors truly are fascinating and I agree with you about the political games that were played during that time. Hope to watch Elizabeth’s Secret Agents this weekend ☺️

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    1. I also feel like I’ve grown up with the Queen! What an amazing process to witness. I hope you get some sunflowers planted next year – they really brighten up late August/early September 🙂

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  5. I too have a deep interest in the Royal Family, but also the Queen and I shared a birthday, so I always was very interested in her. What a woman, devoting her entire life to her country, working until the day she died! Incredible legacy.


  6. Lovely post. It’s good to see how much our Queen was revered worldwide. I have been interested to watch how the Crown passed from her to her son, especially after reading the next book in the Wolf Hall trilogy. Not sure l’ll get to see that again in my lifetime. It does feel like a strange week with both a new Prime Minister and a new Monarch. Good luck with the home schooling this term, and do make a little time for fun and me time.


    1. The UK is in such upheaval right now! I hope that Charles is a familiar enough face to help settle the waves, although I know he’s not as favorable as Elizabeth was. I’ve been thinking about you this week!


  7. Ooo! I am so glad you found success with the suspended bind off! Woot! 🙂 One thing knitters do well is share all the tips and tricks! (I am thankful for the youtube knitters who share so many things!)

    I agree with you about the Queen… the history is for me all the best parts!

    I hope your weekend was full of good things! XO


  8. Marc is feeding me the highlights reel for all that’s happening re: the queen, and it’s perfect … I’m also hoping Charles lands on his feet and Camilla, too … Britain needs something to go right these days.


    1. I think Charles and Camilla will surprise us all. And they’ll be a nice transition between Elizabeth and William!! I’m using PBS Passport to stay caught up on all of the pomp and circumstance. So historic and I’m loving it!


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