Friday | Late August Gifts

Hello to the last Friday in August. We’ve nearly made it through this month, friends. Can you believe it? September – here I come. Apple picking, apple pies, foliage, drives through the mountains, hot chocolate, and cozy time under my quilts? Yes, please! AND this week has been full of surprises and gifts. I’m sharing three of them with you today.

Does this gorgeous yarn look familiar to any of you? Sarah recently spun this up and decided to put it up for sale. I commented on her blog and said that I was interested in buying it but needed to wait a little while because I was busy ordering books for school and wasn’t sure how our finances would shake out this month. She kindly said that she would put it aside for me and then – it just showed up in my mailbox this week. What a gift! Thank you again, Sarah. I cannot wait to start my next pair of socks with it. The colors are rich and gorgeous and I wish I could create such beautiful yarn. That’s unlikely, so I’m going to continue enjoying Sarah’s whenever I can! And I’m floored by her generosity.

Remember the Bloom quilt I was working on this winter? It fell to the wayside in March when I was “pruning my branches.” With only two bocks left!! (those two on the bottom right) This week my husband gave me a wonderful gift of time in the basement and I cranked those babies out and finished up this top. Now it’s in the bin with the rest of the finished quilt tops, waiting to be quilted. I’ll worry about how that’s getting done another day. And kittens cannot resist quilts when they’re laid out – it’s a fact of life. Hello to Agnes sniffing around!

The third gift this week was student loan relief. I know there’s a lot of controversy around this announcement and I would say that no one knows all of the details of other people’s financial situation, despite how easy it can be to judge. Thanks to some bad financial advice I was given as a 17 year old filling out financial aid forms, I’ve been making student loan payments since 2006. You might also know that I’ve been a stay at home mom (for many reasons) for about three years and those loan payments have been very difficult due to our tighter budget. I won’t even go into how difficult it was to pay those loans even when I was working. I’ve been following this issue closely since Biden’s election because it was something he ran on. I was so happy that there was action this week and that I qualify for forgiveness thanks to the Pell Grants I received and our income.

Thank you all for being here through the ups and downs of the last few months (years?) – it means a lot to have found this little corner of the internet. I plan to be back on Monday with an update on my One Little Word. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, full of exactly what you need. Take good care!


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  1. OMG, Katie, I was happy that the Loan relief finally came through and am even MORE happy that some of it goes to you. Best news of the day. AND that yarn is beautiful. (And you know, I don’t often even react to yarn!) 😉


  2. I absolutely love your post this morning!! Peoples kindness towards others is so heart warming and encouraging! Your quilt top looks fantastic, I too have a pile of tops waiting and some day I will get to them some seasons in life are just so busy and you are clearly in a busy season …
    As for the loan forgiveness I am so happy to hear how it has impacted you! I am still working on paying mine and it’s getting there…many years ago as a new single Mom to 4 young girls I was told that I could stay on assistance but I chose to go to school instead and work. Had I stayed on assistance I wouldn’t have had to pay it back. Education is so important as is Grace and forgiveness 🥰


    1. Wendy – thank you for your kind words. It makes me feel better that you, a professional quilter, also have a stack of unfinished quilts!! I hate to hear that you still have student loans – it must have been so hard as a single parent. I admire you so much!


  3. That is simply terrific news. My youngest son has only just finished paying off his student loan. Your husband’s gift of time is the best. And the yarn is pretty.


  4. Your quilt is gorgeous Katie – so happy and colorful. And Sarah’s yarn! Wowzers! Beautiful. So nice to hear you will benefit from the student loan forgiveness. Sounds like that is a Godsend for you. congratulations! Looks like your weekend is off to a fabulous start.


  5. Oh, Katie! I have tears in my eyes for the loan relief for you! That is incredible news (for you and so many others!)

    The icing on the cake in the post is pretty sweet as well… that quilt top and that skein of yarn are lovely! XO


  6. I’m so glad getting that yarn made your day a little brighter — though I’m sure it was not nearly as exciting as that loan relief! I think that action is amazing (and probably not enough). I was so lucky that my parents were able to pay for my whole education, but I know so many people who had to find ways to pay for theirs, and so many people were taken advantage of. Knowing how many people now have some of that burden lifted does my heart so much good!


  7. That quilt, it fills me up in so many ways! I could just keep looking…and looking…and looking at it, Katie. And how fun to see a glimpse of Agnes here 🙂


  8. Lovely quilt top Katie and beautiful handspun yarn from Sara, what a generous and lovely gift. I will keep most my thoughts to myself on the loan forgiveness but will say I worked two jobs, went to school full time and paid my way through college, I did not ask tax payers to pay off my debt. That’s all I will say. Wishing you a lovely day and cheers to fall weather.


    1. Thanks for your kind words about the quilt and yarn, Tina! I’m so glad you were able to finish school debt-free. I also worked several jobs through college and it wasn’t enough to cover all the costs. Taxpayers have a long history of helping cover the cost of higher education. Colleges and universities used to be heavily subsidized with tax dollars, which made it possible for students to work through school AND graduate without debt, like you did. That changed in very recent history and schools have passed on the costs to students, which made it much more difficult for people to attend without accumulating significant debt. Now all that money that was being paid on student loans is going back into the economy, which is a good thing for all of us!


  9. I am one hundred percent in favor of loan forgiveness. So glad you qualified. I think it’s ridiculous that higher education is so darned expensive. Should be affordable for anyone who wants to get a degree. Other countries do it—along with many other things. Somehow, the U.S.—one of the richest countries in the world—can’t figure it out. I remember how a student from France, when hearing about the cost of going to university in the U.S., asked me, “What’s the matter? Doesn’t the United State want to educate its young people?” Excellent question.


    1. Thanks for your kind words of support, Laurie. Your friend’s question hits the nail on the head and the answer is NO. People in power want to make sure it’s as hard as possible for others to obtain ANY sort of power. And ensuring that certain groups of people have to take on massive loans in order to find a modicum of success in their lives is one way to do that. It’s disgusting.


  10. I’m so glad that you qualified for the student loan relief and I’m also glad for everyone who will benefit from this. College was more affordable way back when I went, so I didn’t have any loans. It seems an awful burden for young people to owe so much money for their education. I have nephews in their late 30s still paying off student loans and I know this will help them as well.
    I love your quilt top, it just seems to radiate joy. And, I hope you enjoy knitting with that lovely yarn! Have a good weekend!


  11. So happy you will qualify for student loan relief! I know how hard it was to pay mine off – the only reason I was able to do so was because my father made me a gift of the last few thousand dollars. Otherwise it would have taken years longer. I don’t begrudge anyone this great news. I only hope it actually comes to pass soon. I know many people put off major life decisions – buying a home, having a family – because they can’t get out from under student loan debt. And yet, most “good jobs” require at least a bachelor’s degree, so what is one to do? Also, college used to be free or cost a LOT less back in the 1960’s and ’70’s. This is one thing that we desperately need reform on. (Steps off soapbox, ha ha!)

    Beautiful quilt! Glad you were able to work on it. Loved your post today, Katie.


    1. Stay on that soapbox, Laila! Thank you for your kind words about my news 🙂 I’m so happy that your dad was able to help you pay off your loans – that’s such a gift. But it shouldn’t have been so hard for any of us to graduate without such significant debt. I totally agree – we need a ton of reform in this area.

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