Friday | The End of an Era

Good morning! I hope you're happy that it's Friday. Fall continues to arrive in New Hampshire - the apple orchards opened for picking last weekend, school has started, and the nights are delightfully cool. And we have more sunflowers blooming! I hope you're also seeing signs of the changing season wherever you are because we... Continue Reading →

Friday | We Will Ignore the Sickness

Hello dearies (or dearie squearies, as I call my little ones). It's Friday and we've completed our second full week of nearly everyone being sick at the same time, with no end in sight. Today's post is just going to ignore all of that and pretend like it's not happening, okay? Instead - let's talk... Continue Reading →

2020-2021 Curriculum Choices

Today I'm sharing the first grade curricula we're using for the upcoming school year. There are so many homeschooling philosophies out there and I can't even pretend to understand them all. I'm drawn to two: Charlotte Mason and Classical Education. Charlotte Mason was a Victorian-era advocate for homeschooling. I'm most interested in her ideas around... Continue Reading →

Learning at Home: Our Origin Story

This began as one of the ubiquitous curriculum choices posts but I realized that I needed to back way up and describe what led us here. Here's the backstory on the formation of our family and why we've finally decided to take the plunge into homeschooling. Our Origins: I had my first baby, Bear, in... Continue Reading →

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