Friday | It’s Been A Hot Week!

We have made it to Friday. I’m relieved and hope you’re also looking forward to a weekend with slightly less pressure-filled days. Fridays are for focusing on joy here at The Cozy Burrow, so I’m sharing a few things that have been helping me through this crazy hot week. I have some knitting updates, a couple of flower updates, and a little bookish chat at the end. And even though it’s pretty warm this morning, I still have a hot cup of coffee keeping me company as I type and I’m ready to chat with you!

I’ve managed to eke out a little knitting this week. I am enjoying my time with the Inclinations Cowl (my Ravelry project page)! It’s knit up in half-fisherman’s rib, which is a totally new technique to me and it looks so cool. I love how those knit stitches are so pronounced and the pops of green throughout. My latest pair of DRK Everyday Socks are also inching along. No rush to finish these – just picking them up and knitting a few stitches when the opportunity presents itself. I’m almost ready to knit the gusset and turn the heel and I want to make sure I have some quiet, uninterrupted time for that. The gusset increases are a little complicated with this pattern because it continues in the 2×2 ribbing, so you just have to pay attention to when to do a purl increase or a knit increase. No biggie, but I like to do it when the kids are asleep. Perhaps tonight while I finish up last Sunday’s episode of Grantchester?

It has been a scorcher of a week but we’ve managed to stay cool enough in the shade of the maple tree while we’re outside. There hasn’t been any rain to speak of, other than a few very small passing showers that barely make it to the ground. We nearly got a thunderstorm last night. The sky darkened and we could hear distant thunder, but it didn’t make it to us. There’s a 55% chance of a small thunderstorm this afternoon – my fingers are crossed!

The garden has been quiet. Normally we’d be getting tons of squash and zucchini right now, but none of our squash took off. We had one very nice zucchini plant, but the deer wrecked it when they jumped the fence we put up to keep them out. We got three zucchinis off of the plant before that happened. So at this point we’re just waiting on the crowning glory: tomatoes. I am so excited!!

The hydrangea has also been nibbled by the deer this year but there are still plenty of blooms. And the hibiscus opened yesterday!! I am so pleased to have so many flowers to admire throughout the entire summer. We’ve worked really hard to diversify the blooming times so that we always have something to enjoy. Watch out, Tasha Tudor. I’m coming for you!

I am slowly reading The Shell Seekers and am learning about Olivia’s time in Ibiza with Cosmo. It sounds pretty darn amazing to me but I’m anxious to get back to the coziness of England. Rosamunde Pilcher really likes a “scrubbed table,” doesn’t she? It has been mentioned several times in the first 70 or so pages of this book and I remember it being a feature of Coming Home when I read it earlier this year. And I love it because it’s the essence of coziness — a well scrubbed table, filled with delicious food and good company. You better believe that I’ve been spending more time caring for our dining room table since I started the book earlier this week! I’m looking forward to taking my time with The Shell Seekers and reading a few delicious pages at a time, even if it takes me all month. And it’s gotten me very excited about reading September next month and Winter Solstice in December!

I wish I could stay at my desk all day and just keep writing, but now it’s time to get things started around here. There’s stirring upstairs and I’m expecting to hear my sweet middle child creeping downstairs at any moment. I hope you all stay cool this weekend and it’s full of things you love. Take good care!


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  1. Hi Katie! Love your flowers. Interesting that we are further south than you (Eastern PA) and our hibiscus is only budded…no blooms yet. But, unlike you, we have been harvesting tomataoes. Enjoy your slow reading and wishing you a peaceful, fun weekend.


  2. It’s been a bit cooler here thankfully. And we’ve been getting quite the bit of rain it lately. We’ve had several days of rain in the last week or so and it’s supposed to rain today, tomorrow, and Sunday. I like that the temps are cooler, probably as a result of the rain I’m guessing. And it looks like we *might* actually have some 70s next week! But I try not to get too excited because I know we still have a number of weeks of hot summer temps before it cools down for Fall. One can hope it might get cooler sooner this year though. 😉

    I’m also at the part where we are reading about Olivia’s time in Ibiza with Cosmo. She just met him in my reading last night and we’re learning about their time together there. I really enjoy Pilcher’s writing style in this book so far. But you know, I didn’t pick up on all the mentions of scrubbed tables. I will have to be paying more attention to that! 🙂

    Happy weekend!

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    1. I am always hoping that it will cool off sooner!! 😉 So glad to hear that your area is not dry as a bone and that you’re getting some slightly cooler temps. So glad you’re still enjoying The Shell Seekers – I am totally hooked on it!

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      1. I’m hooked on The Shell Seekers too! So loving this book! I just finished chapter 5 called “Hank”.


      2. Yes, I liked Hank as well. Well at least so far that I’ve gotten in the book. I wonder if he will show up again in the book. As I read that particular chapter, I couldn’t help but wonder if Hank would end up being the one person who might change Olivia’s mind about marriage. I guess we shall see!


  3. Hi Katie! It’s so wonderful to hear that you are enjoying your garden and flowers, and I hope everything continues to do well for you. I’m excited that you are enjoying the Shell Seekers, and us “a well scrubbed “ table is mentioned quite often in all of her books. Lots of rain here in Arizona… hopefully we get more. Have a wonderful weekend 😊


    1. Enjoy your rain! I am SO enjoying The Shell Seekers and am totally hooked on it. I’m gobbling it up faster than I thought it would.

      Tina, I’ve been trying to check in on your blog since I emailed you several weeks ago and it won’t load for me. Is everything okay with it? Or is something going wrong on my end?

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      1. We have been enjoying the rain tremendously, thank you. The Shell Seekers is that kind of book and one that you just can’t put down.

        Oh goodness Katie, I’m so sorry but I closed my blog about the middle/end of June. I had too many issues with it and felt it was time to let it go. So I just started a new blog that is focusing more on what I am doing in life. You’re welcome to visit me here ….


  4. We got a tease of a thunderstorm yesterday, too. It got really windy and then very dark, but we only had a sprinkle. We’ve got a chance for t-storms in the forecast for the next several days, though, so I’m hoping we get at least one (preferable not when I’m outside!). I would love one of those storms that clears away the humidity!

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend full of slow reading and peaceful stitching!


    1. I hope you got some of that rain over the weekend! We got a few (very small) showers but were only on the periphery of the bigger storms. How does that always happen??!! And those showers only made things feel more tropical and brought no cooler air. So disappointing!

      I hope your weekend went well! Can’t wait to read more about it today 🙂


  5. Hot, hot, hot is right, even to the north of you in Maine. Inconceivable to this lifelong Mainer that we should have such heat. But here we are. A new reality. Those knitting projects are lovely. And those flowers! Sorry to read about the deer destruction. Sigh. I’ve started reading “The Shell Seekers” and the characters have certainly drawn me in. I’m past you in the book. Yes, that table is scrubbed and scrubbed. One small complaint. I’m not a fan of long drawn-out books, and this book sure does stretch out. So thick that it’s not easy to read at night in bed. Too long? I’ll reserve judgement until I get reach the end. Penelope is a wonderful bohemian character, but my goodness her children are pills. At least so far.


  6. I started harvesting a few tomatoes this week… it was just glorious! And the taste… heavenly! 🙂 Have a great weekend and stay cool!


      1. So glad to hear that you’re hooked because I am too!! I was planning to take small bites out of it but I hit a point where I picked it up at every opportunity. I’m not just over 300 pages in and am anxious to see what those sodden children do to Penelope’s paintings. I fear that Noel or Nancy is just going to steal them. And I’m in love with the gardener!!! He’s totally my kind of guy 😉

        I hope Maine was a little cooler than NH this weekend, because it was just awful here. Here’s to getting through August intact!

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      2. I’m on page 395 of the hardcover edition. “Sodden” children is right! Makes me wonder what kind of relationship Pilcher had with her own children. Of course, most writers use a lot of invention in their stories, so there might not be any overlap. I sure hope not. 😉

        As for the weather in Maine…it has been absolutely horrible, and I am frazzled. Fortunately, cooler weather is predicted. Hope the same is true for New Hampshire.


      3. I also hope that this isn’t based on Pilcher’s own children! I’m about halfway through chapter 11, which is about Richard Lomax. Oh, I have so many theories about her relationship with Richard but I’m not sure if you’re there yet? You must be. I don’t want to ruin anything for you though!!

        The humidity has been outrageous here too. But today we’re looking at a high of 87 (lower than it has been) and tomorrow is expected to be in the 70s and rainy. Maybe we’ll have some relief from the humidity? I hope so! Hang in there – fall is coming!

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      4. I’ve finished the book, and no spoilers will come from me. 😉 When you’re done, we can have a more in-depth discussion about it.

        And yes, yes! Fall is coming. Although today the temperature is 65, and I’m in my glory.


      5. Lovely! Yesterday’s high was 77, no humidity, and a cool breeze. That was the nicest day we’ve had in such a long time!

        Can’t wait to discuss more and I was happy to see that you joined Discord this morning. I’ve started with a few generic thoughts but don’t want to take over everything. I can’t wait until we really dig in!

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  7. I wish I could send you some of our storms! It has stormed on and off here almost every day for at least two weeks. I’m over it, ha ha. Sorry about your squash! A patron gave me some of her garden tomatoes yesterday and I had a delicious tomato and basil sandwich for dinner last night. Hope you have a good weekend!


  8. Your flowers are beautiful. When knitting the heel and turning the gusset I always have to have total silence and concentration. It has been really hot here too but we had a torrential downpour today with booming thunder and streaking lightning. It has cooled down considerably. Tomorrow I will see my sweet niece and great niece from California. I haven’t seen them since 2019 before Covid so a great weekend it will be.


  9. Lovely homely post. Here’s to lots of tasty tomatoes. The shell seekers is yet another book which totally passed me by. As to well scrubbed tables my Gran had rather a lovely well scrubbed kitchen table which I loved. Mum was more practical and had a Formica topped one.


    1. Cathy — I think you would LOVE The Shell Seekers. It is full of the coziest details and the most wonderful Bohemian characters. I am in love with it!! How about you? Do you have a formica table or a well scrubbed one? I even looked up the definition of a well scrubbed table and am trying to improve my upkeep of ours. Ha!


  10. This season of Grantchester is SO good … I haven’t seen Sunday’s episode yet, but loved last week’s (which, if I’m counting the days right, is the episode you mention wanting to watch) … I still keep thinking of Cathy’s niece as Barbara (Marc thinks I’m crazy, because he never watched her on Call the Midwife), and I’m not sure I love her in blond curls, but isn’t she just perfect for Will?!


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