In Which Every Day Has Felt Like Sunday

Sorry for the silence on Wednesday, friends. We are surviving covid, but it’s been hard and every morning I wake up and think it’s Sunday. I have to put my hands on my calendar to figure out the actual day and now I’m pretty sure that today is Friday. Luckily, Fridays are about JOY here at The Cozy Burrow and since we’re still in the thick of summer, most of my joy has come from blooming flowers. So let’s catch up a bit!

I didn’t spend much time outside this week. It was pretty warm and muggy and I’ve found myself more tired than usual. But I can share new blooms on the echinacea flowers and a fat bumble doing its thing on the bergamot. Over the weekend (before getting sick), I deadheaded all of my roses so I’m hoping that I might see a resurgence in blooms soon. I also sprayed all of the squash with a mixture of peppermint castille soap and water which is supposed to keep the squash beetles away. I’ll let you know if it works.

We had two thunderstorms this week! Yesterday’s blew through around midday. As I watched the dark clouds approach, I brewed a cup of chamomile tea to drink as the lightening seemed to flash right on top of us. A good thunderstorm will hold me over for a while, so I was pretty content to watch this one in its entirety.

I have desperately wanted to read this week but that hasn’t been in the cards. By the time the evening rolls around and the kids are in bed, my brain cells have decided to clock out for the day. So I’ve been watching Thor movies (luckily I’ve never really sat down to watch any of the Marvel movies so they’re all new to me) and…. knitting!

Sorry about the quality of this picture – it was cloudy and this shows almost no stitch definition. I was able to bind off the body yesterday and now I’m ready to get started on the sleeves for my DRK Everyday Sweater. I tried it on because I was nervous about the length and sizing. I think going with 9″ of body before ribbing was a very good idea, so I’m relieved with that decision. I also decided to go up a size on this sweater, but I wish I would have stayed with my typical size. It’s a little baggy in a few awkward places. We’ll see what happens after blocking – maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. I want to make this pattern again so I’ll be able to make modifications just like I did with my second Spark Cardigan (Ravelry link), which I’m quite fond of.

I had a little list of joyful things to share this week and Anne Bogel scooped me on a couple of links when she published her post yesterday! That’s okay — I’ll share my list anyway and feel as though I’m in very good company with Anne.

I didn’t really want to mention covid in this post, but there is something I’d like to say. I got a little whiny in my post on Monday and said that we didn’t have anyone to help us get medicine or food. And I almost immediately started getting emails from local friends who offered to help. I was so thankful for those messages. Like a typical Enneagram Type 4, I often feel alone. And those messages were a humbling reminder that I am not. So thank you all.

I am hoping that our lives will go back to a relatively normal pace next week. We’re still planning to start our third year of Blackberry Bluff School on Monday despite my inability to prep this week as I’d hoped, and I’m excited about our simple summer learning plans (think: Leonardo da Vinci, butterflies, and pirates!). I’m hoping for lots of poetry with iced tea and lemonade, plenty of time in the garden, and stacks of books to enjoy.

But first: let’s make it through this final weekend of quarantine. I have no idea what we’ll be doing. But I hope you have a weekend that’s full of exactly what you need. Take good care.


14 thoughts on “In Which Every Day Has Felt Like Sunday

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  1. Loved this and glad you were feeling better enough to post it. Your ‘blurry bee on the bergamot’ had me chuckling and I just have to say that if we earthlings have passed some sort of test, it must have been marked on a BIG curve! Keep feeling better and better! (Heart emoji.)


  2. Good to see that you are finding bits of joy as you are recovering. I am so curious about Laila at Big Reading Life. You reference this often but the link says it is a private blog. I am a looking for good reading blogs as I am not visiting IG as often these days.


  3. We are Marvel fans over here. And Thor is one of my favorites of the Marvel movies. 🙂 Hoping you continue to feel better each day. *hugs*


  4. So glad you are feeling better and that you got some offers of help. Wish I lived closer so that I could have helped, too. Lovely flower pictures. At our home in the woods, we are Marvel fans and also Stranger Things enthusiasts. A family of nerds and Geeks. 😉


  5. I am glad that you’ve been feeling better, and I hope everyone else in your family is back to normal(ish) soon, too. I don’t want anyone to have to get sick, but sometimes when it hits, it can be a good reminder to get the rest we need and slow our lives down just a little.

    The sweater is looking great and should be very cozy to have this winter. And if the fit isn’t perfect, you’ll at least know how to improve it on the next one!


  6. I’m so glad y’all are on the mend so quickly! My daughter tested positive for 16 days!! Those new images from space are making my list this week, too – awed, inspired, and amazed!!


  7. Hope you all are feeling much better by the new week. Love that you’re watching the Thor movies! My son and I are big Marvel fans. We’re still making our way through all the content. And there’s a LOT.
    I’m glad you got emails offering assistance. It’s nice to know you’re not alone! If I lived closer I would drive over groceries too. 🙂


  8. Sorry to hear about your bout with COVID. Wishing you speedy and fully recovery! A good thunderstorm sounds pleasant to me too. I enjoyed reading this post—so much that we all can probably relate with!


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