Back to the Real World?

Good morning, friends! This isn’t the post I was planning to write today because I’m ran out of time for that one (seems to be a theme on Mondays), but I wanted to write something very quickly this morning, no matter how superficial it might be! So this is just an update on some of the things I did this weekend in the time I managed to eke out for myself.

It was a muggy and hot weekend, so it makes sense that I spent much of it with a pile of wool in my lap:

I finished the first sleeve on my DRK Everyday Sweater! When writing in my Five Year Journal last night, I looked back a bit and remembered that 2020 was the summer when I was finishing a sweater every month. What happened to that person? Oh well – here I am now and am hoping to start the second sleeve today and perhaps a FO post is in store for me as well? Who knows. Maybe it will take me a year to finish that second sleeve.

We’re expecting thunderstorms today and I am so excited. Yesterday was a 58% chance and now it has increased to 97% — I like those odds. Matthew returned to work last night and Colton will be returning to treatment today. We’re also scheduled to resume homeschooling today. I am hoping for a smooth re-entry to the world.

Last night I started watching Grantchester while knitting on that second sleeve. I am embarrassed to say that I’ve never seen any of this series and PBS is already airing the seventh season! It’s quite good but that’s not surprising because I really enjoy their summer Mystery series, although (clearly) I haven’t been as dedicated to it as I thought. Still working to finish Atlantic Crossing and the Thor movies (I’m about 2/3 through the second one. I still don’t understand how that bridge thingy was rebuilt by the beginning of the movie and I am highly agitated by that. Perhaps the answer is in another Marvel movie? But I’m not ready to take a wider plunge.). And I have less than 4 hours left in the audio of The Books of Jacob – hallelujah. I’m ready for this thing to end, but it has gotten slightly more enjoyable for me as it’s gone on.

And now my time is up this morning! I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week – take good care.


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  1. You made me LOL with your comment about the pile of wool in your lap. Glad to hear that life is sort of returning to normal…whatever that means these days. Enjoy the thunder!


  2. Hoping your Monday re-entry is an easy one. I have not watched Grantchester in the past, but am enjoying this season. Your sweater is gorgeous. Let’s hope for not sleeve island!


  3. That blessed rain began here yesterday and continues on today! I am so so happy about it! I will take a rainy Monday!

    (and Sorry… I am woefully lacking in All Things Marvel… but I believe there is a specific order they need to be watched.)


  4. Your sweater is looking great! I have never tried knitting and have always for some reason imagined it to be hard. I used to do a bit of crocheting but nothing big. I have watched some of Grantchester and really enjoyed it. I need to get to watching more of it! We had a ton of rain last night in the middle of the night. And now it is just drizzly outside. I think it’s supposed to be this way most of the day here. So perfect day for some hot tea! šŸ™‚ Hope you have a great week easing back into things.


  5. If you can, I’d go back and watch Grantchester from the beginning. I still enjoy it, but not as much as I did in the earlier seasons. And you can see Dickens the black Lab as a puppy!

    Hope you get your thunderstorms today! We had them yesterday (starting at 6 a.m., when a crash of thunder woke me up) and have more rain today.


  6. Glad that your family is on the mend and back to routines. Honestly I don’t know the answer to that Thor question, ha ha! Let me look on the interwebs…

    Okay, the Marvel Wiki entry for Bifrost Bridge says that Thor and Heimdall used the power of the Tesseract to rebuild the bridge. Does that seem right?


  7. To my novice knitting skills, I am stunned at how fast you are! ā€¦. Just hearing about a thunderstorm makes me happy. Wish we could get a sumptuous one here to ease the drought. (Iā€™m in California).


  8. We went back and watched Grantchester from the beginning … it’s a favorite of ours. We are almost through season 5, so expect we’ll start the new season soon (ish!) Glad y’all are getting back out and into your regular routines. and sure hope you saw lots of thunderstorms!


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