Not the Post I Was Planning to Write

Welp, I think most of you know what that picture means. Covid has finally struck our home. And in a big way. I was planning to publish a completely different post today but wasn’t able to finish it in time. So today is a very short update on our current covid status.

Colton was sent home from his treatment center on Friday with a fever. It happens so often that we didn’t even consider covid as the reason and by Saturday morning he was full of energy and back to himself. On Saturday night, I developed a small cough, sore throat, and alternated between chills/sweats. When I checked my temp on Sunday morning, it was 101.3 and I had a killer headache, plus the symptoms listed earlier. I tried to do my typical morning routine but I abandoned my journal entry halfway through, crawled into bed, told Matthew that I had a fever and would need his help, and went back to sleep. I woke up four hours later!

Bronwyn also had a fever and when it spiked to 104 we decided I should take the covid test. It was surreal to have a positive test after having so many negative ones.

Then we tested Colton despite him having no more symptoms and it was also positive.

And then Matthew tested because he was starting to feel awful and it was positive, too.

We didn’t test Bryce because he’s had no fever and no symptoms, but I expect that to change in the coming days.

We are all quarantining for at least the next week.

I am feeling better this morning as evidenced by my ability to do my entire morning routine and sit here to write this post. My fever is still elevated but not alarmingly so, and I’m alternating between tylenol and ibuprofen to manage the fever and body pains. Matthew is in a very bad state this morning, so I’m expecting him to rest most of the day. I am hoping we all recover as quickly as Colton did, but we’re still contagious to others so we’ll be staying home or going on long drives to entertain ourselves. (so nothing drastically different than usual, other than Matthew not being able to go into work and Colton being home from treatment.)

We are critically low on children’s tylenol and groceries, so I think I’m going to put in an online order and do curbside pick up at the store asap. I’ll wear a mask of course, but there’s no one to bring us food or medicine. I’m not sure what other option we have? Maybe Matthew and I will be able to brainstorm a better strategy together, but it’s all I’ve got right now.

Sorry about the tone of this post. I think I’ve fallen back into my style of writing from my days as a social worker, ha. This is basically one big progress note, so that makes sense. I’m closing the comments on today’s post because I simply won’t have the energy to respond to anyone. But thank you in advance for all of your good thoughts!


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