Reflections | February 2021

In her most recent email, Emily P. Freeman offered three questions for reflecting on February. She includes a different set of questions every month and this is the first time I’ve ever stopped to really think about them. I’ve played with the format a little bit and have included a “flipside” to each question. February was a hard month and I wanted to include a more complete snapshot of life right now – nothing is all good, nor is it all bad.

Name something newly important to you
After being inspired by Juliann to attempt Veganuary, I’ve been making solid changes to transition to a plant based diet after hemming and hawing for several years. I’m not perfect and have a long way to go; plus, I know that I’ll never be totally vegan given that we keep hens and I’m a big lover of local honey. And still – I’m making changes, little by little, that I hope will improve my health. So thinking about the food that I eat is something that is newly important to me.

My Flipside: Name something that’s just not as important as it was
Washing dishes. I don’t have a dishwasher and have spent the last 7.5 years (since having my first baby) constantly washing dishes. I hate having dirty dishes sitting in the sink and have always tried to wash them right away. I tried an experiment in February: what would happen if I just stacked the dishes in the sink all day and then washed them after the kids went to bed? Friends – it’s been life changing. The big stack of dishes never takes as long as I think it will and I can simply focus on the dishes, rather than balancing a million other things at the same time. I think this is something that’s going to stick around for a while.

What was a moment of heartache in February?
Forehead bruising. You might know that my middle child, Colton, is autistic. You probably don’t know how dangerous his meltdowns can be. He is a major head banger and he throws his little body around violently. He has put multiple holes in the walls and dents on the refrigerator, the Instant Pot, and the oven. We had to work really hard to keep him safe in February and had several bruises on his forehead to kiss and cuddle. It’s so hard to witness and manage.

My Flipside: What was a moment of joy in February?
Watching Colton learn to use his assistive communication device. My sincere hope is that his meltdowns will slow down when he feels like he can adequately communicate with us. It’s not an easy device to learn to use and he’s getting better with it every day.

What’s something you look forward to in March?
Spending more time outside and planting seeds in the basement.

What’s something you dread in March?
All the mud that’s going to accumulate in our walkway once the snow really starts to melt. Getting Colton out to the van without a squish through the mud is quite a challenge!

Is there anything about February that you’d like to share?


14 thoughts on “Reflections | February 2021

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  1. Oh that mud! Our grandson cannot resist a pile of dirt or a rain puddle. Fortunately he wears rubber boots. It does make getting into the car a bit of a chase.


    1. Luckily we’ve only had ice the last few days… but it makes it such a double edged sword to have warmer weather. The mud levels can get quite intense!!


  2. Ugh, I hate the mud, but I guess I have to deal with it because its appearance means that the snow and ice are finally melting! One thing from February that I will be happy to leave behind is all the lack of color. We still tend to get more winter weather in March, but at least things are starting to grow again, and it’s such a nice change from all the brown and gray.


  3. Mud Season… so much fun, NOT! I am so happy that Colton is learning to use his device! Here is to a March that is full of good things!


  4. Inner Mud Goddess- embrace- mud is good- it’s free fun, and people pay good money for a mud bath- you could sell it!
    I found this post refreshingly honest and good- may March be a good month for you and your three dabs ( sorry children- my welsh side coming out there).
    Washing up is highly over rated- try convincing your children they are playing with water and enrol their help.


    1. hahaha – thanks for the shift in perspective about the mud 🙂

      I wish you all the best in March, Cathy! I wonder when your garden posts will resume?? I love them!


  5. This is such a lovely way to document the month! wishing everyone fewer bruises in March. and wondering if you listen to books while you wash dishes? (audiobooks are my “prize” for doing the little bit of housework I do … and cleaning the kitchen is the only thing I do daily)


    1. Thanks Mary! I listen to audiobooks while I do most housework, but always have a hard time when doing the dishes. I don’t hear very well and the sound of the water totally overpowers the audiobook. I could crank it up really high, but that’s not good for my ears (if I’m wearing headphones) or it can be really disruptive to the household (if I’m listening on a bluetooth speaker). Still – I’ve been enjoying the quiet of washing dishes each night. It’s a good way of closing out the day!


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