A Look Into Our Notebooks | Week 8 of 2021

The month of March is here! What a relief – we made it through the darkest days of winter and are finally headed into some light. For me, each Monday morning is the same. I look back at the week that just ended to see how I’m using my time. Documenting my days are the best way to ensure that I’m staying grounded and focused on what’s important to me. I write these posts to keep me accountable and focused on my overarching goals and values.

GREEN | Writing Time
This morning marks 330 days of journaling in a row. April 6, 2020 was the first day of this journey, so if I can make it to April 5, 2021 then I’ll 365 days of writing in my journal. I’m not sure if I’ll make it – I don’t want to count my chickens. And friends – I’m close. 365 days wasn’t my goal when I started, but I was certainly considering it by day 100. So let’s get through March and see how close I get. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time with my blog this week, which has felt nice!

ORANGE | “Healthy” Stuff
I meditated every day last week and this morning’s practice brought my streak up to 65 days. I finished the Breath series that Yoga with Adriene offered this year! Yes – it took me nearly twice as long as it would have if I practiced every day, but I’ve never gone past day 8 or 9 of her journeys so I’m quite chuffed with myself. I’m going to do my best to start following her daily calendar in March. I’m sure I won’t complete every day, but it will be helpful to have some sort of guide to follow. No time on the bike this week.

BLUE | Outside Time
Hey! Not a bad week outside. The weather has been weird – we have constant melting and then icing back over. In the morning it’s a slip and slide obstacle course to get to the van and by the afternoon the walkway is a giant mud puddle. So I’m doing lots of laundry and giving plenty of baths to counteract the damage done outside! But there are plenty of birds on the feeders, squirrel and opossum tracks to follow, and garden planning to do outside regardless of the weather.

PURPLE | Blackberry Bluff School
I’m very proud to share that we had an excellent return to school last week. I’m totally motivated by Bryce’s success at the table!

PINK | Reading Time
Reading was a big part of the week. I’m in the mood to read everything all of the time and feeling a tiny bit anxious about where to start, especially since I want to read so much right now. I’m just trying to remind myself to focus on one thing at a time, enjoy the process, and allow myself time to think about what I’m reading instead of just gobbling everything down as quickly as possible.

YELLOW | Stitching Time
Not a single swipe of yellow this week. No knitting, no sewing, nada. That’s okay – I’m embracing my reading wave and know that the stitching wave will come back when it’s ready.

+ Water – a fairly good week! I fell off the wagon over the weekend, but I’m sure that’s pretty common. We’ll see how this week goes.

+ Weather – still love tracking this here and in my 5 Year Journal. We made it to 51 degrees on Wednesday, which was quite a surprise. The snow is pulling back from the south side of the house and I was pleased to spot daffodil tips just beginning to peek out. Spring is coming, even if in fits and starts.

+ Covid Cases – I love to see these numbers continue to tick down. This is going to be so startling to look back on.

Okay, friends – that’s my Monday morning post, thank you for checking in with me today! I hope that your week starts out smoothly and is full of the things you love.


12 thoughts on “A Look Into Our Notebooks | Week 8 of 2021

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  1. A terrific week all round, and keep going with the morning pages. I’m now on day 136- how fast has that happened and what a difference it makes- you were/are very inspirational. Enjoy the outside and embrace your inner mud goddess!

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    1. It happens SO fast, doesn’t it??! I’m surprised by how true that is. Good job making it to day 136!! Thanks for the encouragement to accept the mud – today is very windy and cold and everything should stay frozen… one day without mud, at least!

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  2. I’ve been thinking of you recording the declining COVID cases (yay!) when I watch our local news. Instead of scrolling the number of cases at the bottom of the screen, they’ve started listing the number of people who are vaccinated in each county — it’s such a happy thing to see!

    I hope you can squeeze in some stitching time this week, but you had last week so filled with other good stuff that I’m sure you didn’t miss it too much.

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  3. I am hopeful in declining numbers as well (although they have found some of the more contagious variants here…sigh) but those vaccine numbers are so good to see! I like your blog changes… beautiful work Katie!


    1. I’m hoping that the variants won’t be as big of a problem as predicted…. but science is science and I trust the experts. We will keep masking up, washing our hands, and carrying on in the safest ways possible!!


  4. I love learning how others keep their calendar/journal. This year I’m trying a separate calendar for my knitting and I’m trying digital calendars. I totally love your colorful calendar highlights. Now that the kids are grown and out of the house I no longer need separate colors by kid. I too have used one color for exercise appointments, one for knitting appointments, another for church appointments, etc. But I like the way you use it to track, did I exercise today, knit today, socialize today, etc.


    1. digital calendars are so customizable and fun! Thanks for your kind words about my notebook – I really love being able to glance at it and knowing how my time is being spent. Time is expensive!!

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    1. Thank you, Laila! I was happy to know that you’ve finished a couple of her series before, because otherwise… I would have thought it was impossible! So thanks for being such an inspiring yogi 🙂

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