Full of Joy Friday | Week 8 of 2021

Friends – I hope you found some joy in your week. Each Friday I do my best to round up the little moments that ushered happiness into my life. I’m a firm believer that joy comes from embracing the small things and writing these posts each week ensures that I keep my “joy radar” up all the time. Here’s what stood out for me this week:

+ All of the positivity and patience that you sent me on Monday arrived… we are wrapping up an excellent school week. I’m sure many of you know (or can imagine) that making the choice to homeschool is rife with self-doubt and worry. Weeks like this assure me that we’ve made a good decision.

+ I tried to donate blood on Wednesday, but my iron level was too low. The bummer is that I’m only two units away from the 2 gallon milestone and was excited to move closer to my next pin. The positive is that I was able to get home nice and early and start our schooling without losing much time. I can always reschedule and perhaps eat a steak the night before? Or maybe not – I’ve been following a nearly vegan diet for over a month and the thought of a steak isn’t very appealing. {It occurs to me that this is why my iron was low – I think I’ll make a pot of beans this weekend.}

+ I’m grateful for everyone’s response to my Stillness post this week – to those who left public comments and those who sent private emails. Those monthly one little word posts can be gut-wrenching and leave me full of second thoughts – thank you for your reassurances.

+ I don’t like to blame others for the missing pieces in my reading life, but really. Why haven’t any of you told me that I must read Mary Oliver right away? I borrowed White Pine from the library this week and am over the moon. Pure joy; completely approachable; straightforward; beautiful. These lines from Hummingbirds made me laugh out loud:

“I had meant no harm,
I had simply
climbed the tree
for something to do”

Hummingbirds found in White Pine by Mary Oliver

+ And I finished May Sarton’s The Journal of a Solitude (more about it in next week’s Unraveled post) and now I just want to read poetry and plant flowers all day long. Forever and ever, amen. After reading Joyful last year, I was really taken with starting a flower farm. Combined with my love of Tasha Tudor’s Garden – I’m done for. And as I found the links for those books, I’ve now discovered English Cottage Gardening for American Gardeners – I’m doubly done for. It’s nearly March. May will be here soon!

+ I’m digging into my notebooks this week. I’ve even put in a little time with my gardening notebook, which has been ignored since the summer. I am so looking forward to starting these seeds:

+ All Creatures Great and Small ended on Sunday. I was thrilled to hear that there’s going to be a second season! I squealed when those border collie puppies were born – oh my goodness. Truly – this was the best Masterpiece series that I’ve ever watched. Completely heartwarming, funny, and beautiful. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

+ And I’ll leave you with this video from Monday. Bronwyn loves our little sledding hill and you can see Colton on the front steps to the right playing with a ski. There’s a lot of joy to be found in winter when we’re brave enough to face it!

And that’s about it from me until Monday. But tell me – where did you find joy this week?


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  1. I loved the video of Bronwyn sledding! I’ve enjoyed watching the grandsons playing on our snow pile too and just running around in the snowy yard. Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. That sledging looks such good fun, and nice to see the little one on the step. What a nice post too, so positive. Joy this week for me has to be sunshine, snowdrops, planting out my inside bulbs and smelling the soil. Have a great weekend.


  3. I’m finding some joy in your new blog look! You’ve also inspired me to plant some more flowers this year. I’ve been trying to grow herbs and vegetables without too much luck the past few years. Maybe I’ll have better luck with flowers — and they’ll certainly bring me a lot of joy!

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  4. Love the new look of your blog – I have been feeling the need to change mine up a bit. Any tips to share? And this is the year I will have sweet peas in my garden!


    1. Thanks, Juliann! It feels good to try something new here on the blog. All I did was go into “Themes” page on my wordpress homepage and tried on a LOT of different themes until I found one that I liked. The theme I chose this time was Anemone. And this is the first year that I’m trying Sweet Peas! I’m so excited and can’t wait to see how yours turn out 🙂


  5. Maybe there’s a start-a-flower-farm bug in the air, because that’s actually what I’m doing this year! Granted, it’s on a veeeery small scale (and mostly just to pay for my own gardening hobby), but my seed collection this year is INSANE. If you’re itching to go on it, read Cool Flowers by Lisa Mason Ziegler or check out her webpage The Gardener’s Workshop—-she talks all about how to get a super early jump on our gardening season with cool season hardy annuals. We’re starting this weekend! I can’t wait!


    1. Thank you for the book recommendation! I’ve added it to my Goodreads TBR. It looks like the author has a couple of different books, which is exciting 🙂 I’m not looking to sell, but mostly to just enjoy on my own and give away a few bouquets to some special friends. But hey – maybe one day?? Enjoy your seed starting!!


    1. Ha! So many people have mentioned her over the years, so that was a silly thing for me to write :p I’m a little bit mad at myself for prioritizing so many other books over hers!! My husband has nursed that little sledding hill since our first snow storm and they use it nearly every day, haha. The kids love it!

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  6. Joy 1. I was out at Michaels this week in search of some DMC floss for a project, and I saw this medallion bracelet with Psalm 46:10 on it… “Be Still, and Know that I am God…” I saw it, and I thought of your “stillness”. I bought it, and I’ve been wearing it as it seems this week, I really need the reminder. Joy 2. I took a few days off to just rest and recoup. Joy 3. I’m still alive…well, I think that’s a joy…not sure… that’s how this week has been.


    1. I’m sorry to hear that your week has been so awful and I’m glad to see that you’ve been able to push away so much bad and find little bits of joy! And how amazing that you found a little something to help center you in stillness and found some time to rest. I’ll be thinking about you today!!

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    1. Wow – thank you for the Tasha Tudor link! That is SO fun and makes me think about the possibilities of saving seeds… and how that would work with homeschooling projects. It’s so funny that you linked to this, because I had just read Ginny Sheller’s post where she linked to Tasha Tudor seeds as well! (https://gsheller.com/2021/02/knitting-days.html) I love all the kindred spirits on the internet!!

      And I’m going to look for A Thousand Mornings? thanks to your recommendation 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday, Amy!

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    1. Thanks Laila! It’s fun to be able to play with the blog a bit. I feel so late to the game with Mary Oliver despite knowing that she is THE author everyone suggests when a person is beginning their journey with poetry. And Spring will be here soon – and perhaps even sooner for you?! I hope you’ll be able to share little snippets from your plantings 🙂

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  7. This post is just overflowing with joy! Thank you for sharing it all! (and yes… Mary Oliver’s writing is simply a must for life!)


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