Unraveled Wednesday – Week 28 of 2020

Wednesdays are for Unraveling! Kat at As Kat Knits hosts a weekly linkup for knitters and readers, which makes Wednesdays my favorite blogging day of the week! This week I’m sharing more cozy mysteries, a peek at the progress on my Mariechen cardigan, and a spoiler for the last clue of the Through the Loops Mystery Knit Along!

My husband has been on vacation this week. It’s been wonderful to have him home and to have help with the kiddos during the intense times of the day (early mornings and bath/bedtime)! We’ve spent the evenings watching Hamilton and other movies that we haven’t had an opportunity to watch (okay, we’ve mostly been watching Marvel movies), so reading and knitting has been on the back burner. That’s okay, because I still have a few things to share.


Finished This Week:

It was wonderful to spend some time with Flavia de Luce again. I listened to this on audio and had a big, goofy grin on my face the whole time. Flavia is so funny and clever. I’m not sure that I’d enjoy her company in real life, but I enjoy reading about her! In The Golden Tresses of the Dead, someone slipped a dismembered finger into Ophelia’s wedding cake and Flavia was off like a flash to her chemistry lab to begin her research. For some reason I thought this was the last book in the series, but someone posted a snippet of an interview with Alan Bradley saying that there will probably be no end to the series. Yes! I am down with that.

I shared my dilemma about the Ruth Galloway series a couple of weeks ago: books 7 and 8 aren’t available on Audible or Overdrive on audio! But I’m really enjoying this series and want to continue, so I checked out the digital version on Overdrive. And yes! I actually finished reading a book with my own eyes! I forgot how nice it was. The Ghost Fields was good fun – there was a WWII element, an old stately manor house, and it was Halloween season – all things that I love in a good mystery! Ruth’s romantic life is getting quite complicated and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more.


My Mariechen keeps trucking along. I only have about an inch to go before the ribbing – it’s so amazing. I think it took about two months to get to the ribbing of my last sweater! The sun came out right as I snapped this picture, so it’s difficult to see all of the detail. I’m hoping to have an overcast day for my next Mariechen photoshoot!

The last clue of the TTL MKAL was released on Monday! I think I’m self-sabotaging the project because I have made a ton of mistakes since I started on the sixth clue. I had some unintentional unraveling Monday night: yes, I dropped stitches while cabling multiple times. Oh my word, I could have cried. I made a messy recovery and cursed myself for starting the row despite recognizing that I was too tired. I won’t tell you how I fixed my mistakes because I think you’d be appalled. I’ve been knitting for almost 20 years and I have no idea how to use a crochet hook to fix dropped stitches, but it’s probably something I should learn. I’m just too bull-headed to stop and spend time on the issue! After dropping those cabled stitches, I put everything away mid-row on chart 6B (and I never stop mid-row on a lace project) because I was too tired to continue and didn’t want to mess up that cabled row any further.

I returned to the project on Tuesday night and used a proper third needle to hold those cabled stitches to ensure no more slippage. I was proud of myself. But then a few short rows later, I made a mistake counting on the very first repeat, so ended the row with about 6 stitches left. I had to tink back all 190-something stitches to correct the mistake. I ended the night still on the second chart of the clue! I’m hoping to return to quiet time knitting today – the baby never napped on Monday and Bug was home from his treatment center yesterday – which has proven to be a good time for me to focus without being too tired. And I fully expect to meet you back here next Wednesday with a shawl that is off the needles, washed, and blocked!

Okay, I’ve had a busy blogging week with my mid-year check ins and I’m looking forward to taking Thursday morning off from writing and catching up with all of your blogs! But I plan to be back here on Friday with some snapshots from the week. I hope to see you then!


20 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday – Week 28 of 2020

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  1. I completely understand about not doing knitting when too tired, I’m the same with working on quilts. Your sweater is beautiful and so is the shawl. Hope your day is peaceful and calm, Blessings!

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    1. Just got home from shopping, one of my stops was at the library. Do you watch Granchester on PBS? The programs are based on the Granchester mysteries by James Runcie. I got the only book the library has but they’ve ordered the rest of the mysteries. Just a suggestion. I also got more of the Vera mysteries by Anne Cleeves.

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      1. Oooh, thanks for the recommendation. I haven’t watched any of this Masterpiece, but now I’m going to look into the books and the show! I still haven’t started the Vera mysteries because they’re not available for me on overdrive yet, but I did get on the waitlist for the first book in her newest series – Two Rivers series.

        Thanks so much for thinking of me and these recommendations!


  2. I have full confidence that you will finish the shawl. It is not a simple knit, and it’s no surprise that you’ve had some errors when you’ve worked on it when you probably didn’t have the mental bandwidth for it. You’re very close to the end, and I found that the lace in the last chart was very simple, relatively speaking.

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    1. I started the bind off last night! But put it away because I was feeling tired (could I be learning my lesson?). You’re right – the lace was totally straightforward, which was a relief since this clue seemed a bit longer than the others (and not just because of the growing row length).


  3. Your cardigan is coming along so quickly. I love the shawl – cannot wait to see it in its full glory. Knitting when too tired; we’ve all done it. I’ve even dropped stitches as I have actually fallen asleep while knitting!

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  4. I have knit the feather and fan pattern many times, but have made many rookie mistakes in my latest attempt at a baby blanket. Most of them were because I continued knitting when I knew I was too tired. When will we learn? 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing your completed shawl!

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    1. I think I’ve made so many mistakes because I THINK I know where the pattern is going, but am always wrong because it’s been so full of surprises. But I’m excited to be nearly finished with it!


  5. Sometimes a project just needs to be put in the corner to consider what it has done ;-). Also, thanks for reminding me abut the Ruth Galloway series. I read one but somehow forgot I liked it. Now I have three on hold at the library. Yippee

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    1. Yay for returning to Ruth! She’s so much fun 🙂

      And you’re totally right about putting the knitting in the corner. I think the punishment worked because I’m almost finished with it!!


  6. I think we all make mistakes when we are too tired. It’s a lesson I’ve learned several times. I am looking forward to seeing the finished shawl. The cardigan looks intriguing too. So glad you found a way to continue with Ruth Galloway. That is such a good series.

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  7. Wow, Katie, Mariechen is growing so quickly! … must admit she was a strong contender for my “next up” choices, but I decided she could wait until Fall/Winter. Hope the last bit of Clue 6 was kinder to you. Can’t wait to see the FO!

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    1. The knitting was much smoother as the the week went on! Thank you! And Mariechen will be a great fall or winter knit for you, especially since your needles are so speedy!


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