Unraveled Wednesday – Week 25 of 2020

Welcomed to Unraveled Wednesday! Each Wednesday Kat at As Kat Knits hosts this linkup for bloggers to share what they’re reading and stitching lately. When you click over to her blog, you’ll find an inspiring and kind group of people. Today I’m sharing the book series I’ve binged on, a book I’ve abandoned, and all of my knitting progress (including a spoiler for the Through the Loops Mystery Knit Along, so proceed with caution!). Please duck into my cozy burrow with me!


Finished This Week:

Okay, don’t laugh at me, but I can’t stop listening to the Shetland series! And it’s at the cost of everything else that I want to read right now (which is a lot!).

I remembered Red Bones from the TV series and, as the book went on, began to remember who the killer was. But that certainly didn’t take away from my enjoyment of this mystery. I love the idea of an archeological dig on the Shetland Islands and uncovering ancient Viking artifacts. How cool is that?! I can totally see myself walking along the cliffs of the Islands with Jimmy Perez and knocking on the doors of the locals. This is such a fun series!

Blue Lightening was intense. This one centers around a Nature Center on Fair Isle that focuses on bird watching. There’s quite the eccentric cast of birders under the microscope for multiple murders in the Center (or did Cleeves use the spelling, Centre? I listened to it on audio and have no idea!). The ending was a total shock to me. I wasn’t sure if I’d heard the narrator correctly or if I’d missed something, but… no. I almost cried!

Dead Water was another enjoyable mystery for me. It was fun to see Jimmy as a dad of a young girl and interesting to see the gender bias switch – now it’s a guy who has to juggle childcare issues and a female boss making snide comments about it. I like how Cleeves turned this classic issue on its head! Again – I was surprised by the killer. And I loved the nod to Jamieson and Smith in this one!

Currently Reading:

There’s a wait for the next book in the Shetland series, so I’m looking forward to this chance to focus my attention elsewhere!

I’m so embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve still made no progress on The Library of Legends. I don’t want to abandon this one and want to give it a fair shot, especially since I learned that this is a part of a loosely connected series. So I’m going to try to circle back to it, but worry that I might not make it there!

My hold on The Vanishing Half came up much more quickly than I expected and I’ve started the book, but have only read a few pages. I think I’m going to love it, I just have to get going on it.

Abandoned This Week:

At page 128, I decided to abandon Anne of Ingleside. This is a heartbreaking decision, but I do plan to pick up the seventh book in the series in July despite abandoning this one. I was so excited to see Anne as the mother of a herd of children, but found Anne to be especially annoying and her children even more so. (I’m sorry!)


I’ve made a bit of progress on my second Birkin sleeve. I’m getting there, folks!

My Mystery Knit Along is coming along nicely! I finished Clue 3 during Birdie’s naptime yesterday. I love, love, this stripey, liney pattern from chart 3B (for those of you also knitting it). Ahhh! I’m thrilled with this project! Half of the clues have been released and, somehow, I’ve stayed up to date. I know it’s going to get harder to stay caught up as the shawl grows and each row gets even longer, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to knit each clue as they’re released. I’ve never been able to do that with a mystery knit along before, and will be able to feel especially accomplished given all of the other things going on right now!


I made a few more masks last Friday and managed to snap a picture of these. I used the Crafty Quilter Versatile Face Mask pattern this time and they came out great. This has definitely been the best fitting of all of the patterns I’ve tried and it was easy to resize the pattern pieces for everyone in the family. I found that I needed to put a lot of reinforcing stitches along the channel for the elastic bands, but otherwise – they’ve been excellent! I don’t find myself tugging on them or readjusting like I have with others. My husband has a physical job and he’s required to wear a mask while at work and these have worked out well for him, too. Score!

I plan to be back on Friday with pictures from this enchanting week! I hope to see you then!


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  1. I am so excited that you’ve gotten so into the Shetland series! I have just the last two books left to read and almost don’t want to read them and have the series be over.

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  2. It looks like I need to check out the Shetland series! I’m not sure why I haven’t read them so far, but they sound like books I would definitely enjoy. And your knitting and sewing! You’re so close on that sleeve, and it looks like you’ll have a beautiful sweater very soon.

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    1. The Shetland series is so good!! Especially on audio, which is perfect for knitting.

      Thanks for your kind words – I can’t wait until this sweater is off the needles!


  3. Jealous you have a library copy of The Vanishing Half. Our system basically hasn’t done any ordering over the quarantine time, and now there’s no money to order until the new fiscal year (July) so there are a TON of new books we don’t have yet.

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    1. Oh no!! I’m glad July will be here soon, because it’d be awful to wait much longer than that. I believe that our librarian was still going in and ordering/processing new books despite being closed for so long, which I’m thankful for. She told me that the board voted to continue paying the staff because their salaries were already budgeted for, so I’m assuming that she ordered as she normally would have, too. Sometimes it’s nice to live in such a small town!!

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  4. I totally love the cat facemask, it’s super cute! A friend of mine made us similar ones, since I can’t sue, but in a very simple, dark blue colour (which is fine, I didn’t want to ask for something super extra fancy).

    I have to admit that I never read any of the Anne of Green Gables series (I think we already talked about that), but I will put it on my list of books I’ll try to hunt for the next time I go to the library! As for Anne Cleeves … the name rings a bell, probably my mother has them or reads them (she reads a TON of crime fiction), but if not, that will be something for Christmas. 😉

    Also – your MKAL shawl looks GREAT! This is the third shawl I see on blogs, and I love it, it’s super happy, and the white/yellow is such a pretty, stylish contrast. Way to go! Also for the sweater, slowly but surely growing!

    I hope the second part of the workweek is great to you. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Julia! Anne of Green Gables is so good – I just didn’t like this one, the sixth in the series. I think many knitters would enjoy the Shetland series, given the islands’ history with knitting. And they’re a great escape right now!!

      I hope your week finishes well!

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  5. I enjoyed the Shetland Series. Anne Cleeves has started a new series which introduces detective Matthew Venn. The first book is The Long Call, I’m only 2 chapters in so the characters are still being introduced but I think it’ll be a good one.

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  6. yay you! clue #3 looks awesome (I still have 3C chart to go)! still jealous you’re discovering Shetland for the first time 😉 ENJOY!!

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    1. Thanks Juliann! It seems like The Vanishing Half is getting some really great reviews, but I cannot concentrate on anything in print right now!! 😦


  7. I love those masks great job! They are fun patterns and look more comfortable to wear. Good progress on your knits and lots of reading and listening done this week too.

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  8. Love your knitting – looking fantastic! I am interested to see you abandoned Anne. I have been meaning to reread the entire Anne series as I haven’t read them since childhood. Now I am wondering what I would think of them after so many years!

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    1. Thanks Jayne! I’ve loved the series so far. Anne of Ingleside is the sixth in the series and the first I decided to abandon. After I marked it as “abandoned” on Goodreads, I scrolled down to the reviews and it looks like a lot of other people struggled with this one, too. I highly recommend all of the others!!


  9. Hi Katie! Congrats on your knitting and reading wins for the week. This post is filled with all sorts of goodies: I am adding your two new Books to my TBR and off to check out the face mask tutorial…still looking for the “perfect” one. Might you send some of your energy my way?! .

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    1. Thank you!! I found the video for the face mask very helpful. I hope you find the perfect fit soon!! I’ll definitely send you some energy!! :p Have a great weekend!


  10. I have also been obsessively listening to murder mysteries this week – I am working my way through the Phryne Fisher series again! They’re so good!
    I had to come back here today to see your shawl – I didn’t want to have Clue 3 spoiled because I am loving knitting this so much!! I agree chart 3B is great, but chart 3C is actually my favorite of this clue – those triangles make me so happy! Is your color 1 a white, grey, or light blue?

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    1. Oooh.. I haven’t read any of those mysteries. They’re going on my list! Thanks!

      I totally agree about chart 3C – I loved watching those perfect little triangles get shored up with each row – yum! And I’m using a blue for Color 1 – it’s called Frost. The yellow is called dandelion. My husband pointed out that my colors look like the Swedish flag!

      Have a great weekend!

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  11. My husband and I are just in love with the Shetland TV series. Sadly, once I’ve seen the show, I can’t read the book. Wish I would have discovered the books first! Still, it’s been fun to watch together.

    You are on your second Birkin?? Wow. I love love love this pattern, but I’m afraid to try it. I have super broad shoulders and I haven’t figured out how to adjust raglan sweaters for them. Besides, I’m in the middle of a major sweater project, and I promised myself I wouldn’t start another until I finish my Brennivin.

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    1. Oh no, this is my first Birkin! It’s a gorgeous yoke, but the fit wasn’t what I was hoping for!

      I also enjoyed the Shetland TV series and have found that it hasn’t ruined the book series for me. There have been a few plots that I recognized from TV, but there’s been plenty of new stories. Plus, the Jimmy Perez from the show looks nothing like how I’m seeing the Jimmy Perez in the book!!

      Thanks for visiting!


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