Friday Cozies – Week 25 of 2020

Happy Friday, dear friends. I like to share some snapshots from the week on Fridays. I’m trying to take more pictures this year and knowing that I’ll be sharing them on my blog helps keep me accountable to that goal! So please, come in and look at my flowers, garden, and home!

The last few days have been on the warm side, but most of this week was perfect. We spent a lot of time outside and on a quilt under our maple tree for shade. Our first week of learning at home is in the books and it went better than I expected! I’m trying to keep in mind that it’s totally beautiful outside and it would be cruel of me to force Bear to stay inside. It’s impossible to expect children to concentrate when there’s so much to do out there! So I’ve been using the strewing method outside: I put down a quilt and a pile of books and started reading aloud from our book of Greek myths. It drew him right in, which led to some independent reading of Dr. Seuss. I call that day a success!

Has anyone else hit a wall with their reading lately? I’m finding it really hard to concentrate on anything in print, so I’m very thankful that I’ve rediscovered audiobooks. I have all of these books waiting for me – including a pile of library books on my desk and shelves full on my Kindle… and yet, I just can’t get beyond the first few pages of anything. This has happened before (often), but it’s always shocking when it does because it seems to come out of nowhere!

I’m being very careful in general right now. I’m worried about depression – I’ve felt the urge to sleep all of the time and have noticed an increased irritability with everything around me. So I’m focusing on my successes, being gentle with myself when I feel like I need rest, and doing my best not to get overwhelmed. I’m thinking of taking Instagram off of my phone again because I’m not feeling happy when I scroll through it. I feel as though I’m not doing enough, which is ridiculous. So I’m going to spend the weekend without Instagram and see how I feel on Monday morning!

I bought this chai mix recently and am learning to make lattes at home. I was surprised by how small the container was, especially since it touts that it will make 100 cups of chai. The scoop included is tiny, just about 1/4 of a teaspoon and I thought there was no way that would provide enough chai flavor to make me happy. Wrong! That little scoop packed a big punch! I’m going to have to practice a lot, but I’m excited to have access to some delicious chai at home for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Okay – that’s it from me this week. I’m looking forward to having everyone home this weekend and lots of food on the grill. I’m going to try to grill romaine lettuce! I wish you all a quiet and restful few days. Stay safe!


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  1. Totally love seeing your pictures each week and hearing your loving humor (those kindly picked roses)! Your garden sure does look ambitious. Here’s hoping for sunny days and nightly rain in the coming days. That should keep everybody happy! And here’s to audio books! I’m listening to Just Mercy right now and finding it hard to stop. A searing indictment for sure. We knew that already, but it does feel important to hear and take in the painful details. The world sure is a challenging place these days. Cozy Burrows are blessed spots that make sense…and I love hearing about yours. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Thanks Jordy! I’m glad you’re enjoying your audiobook. I’m going to add that one to my list! I’m dying for a thunderstorm – it will be good for the garden and for this heat!! I’m anxious about the rally DJT will have tonight – I’m sure it’s going to be total crazy town.

      Have a good weekend!


  2. I think your mystery flower is Sweet William, it’s beautiful whatever it is, love the color! You can’t compare yourself to anyone else. They have their life, you have yours and both are different.

    I read less in the summer than other times of year, so much to do outside. If I have time, I do enjoy reading on the porch before bedtime since it stays daylight to much later in the day. The chai tea sounds delicious! Have an enjoyable weekend, reading on a blanket sounds like a perfect activity!

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    1. Thanks for the ID on the Sweet William! I think you’re right!

      And you’re right – there’s so much to do outside this time of year. I usually read a LOT during the summers (I guess it’s a hold over from summer vacations as a kid), so it’s just a surprise that I’m struggling with it so much right now. I know it will pass though – it always does!

      Have a great weekend!


  3. I had the same issue with reading books earlier in the stay at home period, but thankfully it passed. If you can still enjoy audio, then listen to some good books for now! You are smart to be paying attention to how you are feeling, physically and emotionally, and I hope you will continue to be kind to yourself. Things are better than they were, but there’s still a lot hanging over us.

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    1. I struggled with reading in April, but thought that I’d gotten over the pandemic reading hump. Oh well — these cozy mysteries on audio are truly all I need right now. I’m really enjoying them and all of these other books will still exist when I’m ready to read them 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words. Depression usually sneaks up on me and I don’t realize I’m in the funk until much later. I’m thankful that I’ve registered the warning signs and can at least acknowledge how I’m feeling.

      I hope you have a great weekend!


  4. I love your bean poles! And that pretty quilt makes a great outdoor reading spot. I’m experimenting with some different afternoon beverages. Too many sleepless nights when I cave and have an afternoon coffee. Enjoy and thanks for the yard tour.

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    1. Thanks Juliann! My mom found this quilt at a garage sale several years ago and it’s been our go-to quilt for the yard. It’s clearly hand sewn and hand quilted, so I love using something that someone put so much time and energy into!

      I’m pretty sure this chai mix has caffeine, but it looks like they have roobios version without caffeine:

      Have a great weekend!


  5. I’m in a non-reading period too…not sure why other than I think a trip to a bookstore or library – neither of which is an option, still!!! – might be the jump start I need. But, I keep telling myself:’this too shall pass!” In the meantime, I collect titles and wait til I feel so moved.
    I enjoyed looking at your outdoor photos and activities – great that you have that wonderful space to play, learn, enjoy.
    Take care and Cheers~

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    1. You’re so right – this reading slump will pass and it gives us a chance to focus on other things!

      Thanks for your kind words about the photos. We feel so lucky to have a home with a yard, especially right now!!

      Have a great weekend and enjoy your new air conditioning 🙂


  6. I hope you get better soon and the spell passes quickly. I have had the same again recently – it IS a lot to take in, and if Instagram makes you unhappy right now, you are wise to turn it off. (A friend of mine has the same problem with it, so she keeps installing it on and off, too, although for her, it’s more a problem of FOMO, if I understood her correctly). It’s the same with the books – sometimes, the word intake can truly become too much. Good that there are audiobooks!

    You garden looks great, and YEAH for Dr Seuss and the Greek myths! He’ll get there. 😉 It probably sounds stupid, but you have a BIG property, right? (this is probably really stupid now that I have typed it out).

    I hope that you can have a wonderful weekend and can enjoy the chai! I have tried it maybe twice, but it always reminds me a bit of biting into a Christmas cookie. Maybe I should try another brand.

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    1. Your question doesn’t sound stupid! We have 1.5 acres. Sometimes it feels like a LOT (like when my husband uses our push mower to mow the grass), but sometimes it feels like it’s too small!! But overall, we’re very happy here and thankful for the space to run and play.

      Thanks for the encouragement to take care of myself! You’re so right – there’s too much to take in right now!!

      I got hooked on Starbucks Iced Chai a long time ago, but I definitely can’t afford starbucks as often I’d like to have it. Have you tried theirs for a treat? I think their version is the best!! I’m trying to copy it at home, but no luck so far!!

      Have a great weekend 🙂


  7. Wow, Katie – LOVE all the outside in your photos. What a garden! and how fun to have “class” outdoors. I’ve been enjoying time on our porch just to hear the birds and feel the breeze. I finished This Tender Land last week and it was AMAZING. Easily a top pick for 2020. It might be just the thing to get you out of your slump. also, in a completely different vein, I started Deacon King Kong and read nearly 100 pages yesterday. It is a page turner for sure!

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    1. Thank you!!

      I read This Tender Land earlier this year and totally agree that it was a 5 star book! I have Ordinary Grace, another by the same author, checked out from the library right now. Maybe I need to spend some time with that. Thanks for the rec for Deacon King Kong – page turners are helpful right now!!

      I hope you have a great weekend!


  8. Audiobooks ARE reading, so don’t be hard on yourself for not being able to concentrate on paper books! In time that will come back.

    I’m sorry you’re feeling depression at the gates. Sounds like you have a good plan for self-care, though. Rest and activities you enjoy are so beneficial. And taking an app that makes you feel bad off your phone is always a good thing!

    Loved your pictures, as always.

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    1. Thanks for reminding me that audiobooks ARE books :p Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating when I listen, but I know that’s not true. I just like to be hard on myself!!

      Thanks for your kind words. IG is always going to be a double edged sword for me, I think. I should just figure out how to deal with it!

      I hope you’re well. Have a great weekend!

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  9. I am currently listening to Mill on the Floss (read by one of my narrators, Wanda McCaddon) It is the perfect place to “get lost in” 🙂

    Your garden looks amazing! I am in love with your Bean Poles! Genius! Pure Genius!

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