Hobonichi Weeks – Week 10 of 2020

Hello friends! I hope the beginning of this week is treating you well. We just had a bright and sunny weekend that did great things for our spring flowers. But it was still quite frigid, which made it difficult to spend long periods of time outside!

This time change is killing me already! Last week, even before the time change, I pushed snooze every single day. I’m still using all of my tricks – my alarm is across the room, the coffeepot is preset to brew right before my alarm goes off – but they aren’t working right now! I have to find a way to reinvigorate my morning routine to make sure I’m getting up early enough. One of my biggest goals this week is to not push snooze!!

Other than my difficulties getting out of bed, it was a great week. I’ve kept up with my chores and my own personal habits. My blogging time took quite a hit but that’s to be expected when I oversleep by at least an hour every day! (Can you tell this is bothering me?) I’m telling myself that last week was a time of rest for me and goodness knows I needed it after a week of school vacation. So now I’m back on track and waking up nice and early again. And with the lengthening of the days, I’ll soon have a beautiful view of the sunrise at my desk as I’m blogging. Cognitive restructuring, here we go!

Week 11 is waiting to be filled. Nothing too exciting on the horizon, other than story time at the library on Wednesday. I’m doing a lot of extra disinfecting around the house because of all of this coronavirus stuff (I think we’re up to 4 cases in NH?), so I’m thankful that I’m home and can focus on those sorts of things rather than feeling as though I’m ragged all of the time. Here’s to a week of Lysol and Clorox, reading and knitting, and lots of playtime!


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  1. My phone wakes me, and it is really a most pleasant thing! And, then I spend a few minutes laying in bed listening to a couple of poetry podcasts – they are very short but such a sweet way to start the day! Once they are done, I am dressed and out the door for Sherman’s morning constitutional…and this morning I could smell spring and it was a wonderful thing!

    I hope your week is exactly what you need! XO

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    1. Thanks Kat! My phone is my alarm too and maybe it’s TOO pleasant?! Oh well, it will take a while but I’m sure I’ll get back on track soon.

      Your morning routine sounds wonderful! Enjoy your spring weather 🙂

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  2. I was always a snooze button pusher, but now I use my Fitbit alarm to wake me up. I wear it to bed, and it vibrates to wake me up, which is pretty persistent. There’s also no way to snooze it and I have to pretty vigorously tap it several times to turn it off, so it’s been effective at getting me up as much as I would love to keep sleeping. It sounds like you needed some extra sleep this past week, though, so don’t be too hard on yourself!

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    1. Ahh!! I have an apple watch and you CAN push the snooze button, so I never wear it to bed or I’d never get up! I’m glad you’ve found a way to make sure you get up when you need to!

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  3. Time change week is the worst. My son and I are not fans! My husband gets on my nerved because he’s like “Big deal, you are a little sleepy one day and then it’s done.” He doesn’t believe that it takes me a whole week to get acclimated. Hmmpphh!

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    1. It takes me at least a week to readjust too and my husband says the SAME THING! But he’s not the one who has to get up too early with the kids in the fall and then physically wake them up in the spring because they’re so used to getting up at certain times!

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