Today I’m linking up with Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl for a Top Ten Tuesday post, which I haven’t done in forever! But it’s a generic theme – thankful freebie – which I think I can manage!

There are a million things that I’m thankful for every day – especially my family. I can’t begin to put that into words and I don’t have the emotional fortitude to even try right now. So I’m going to keep this list superficial and focus on bookish/nerdy things that fill my bucket when I start to feel overwhelmed.

My Public Library
Of course the public library is at the top of my list. I love everything about it. I love being able to go in, check out an armload of books, and not feel bad if I only read one or two of them. In fact, I can feel good about it because I’ve helped their circulation numbers which helps with their funding. I love chatting with the librarians. I love going on Saturday with my oldest boy and piling our bag high with all kinds of things and feeding his curiosity. I love taking my youngest to story time, where she gets to see other humans and experience something out of the ordinary for her. My library card is the most important tool in my readerly life.

My Kindle
I have two in heavy rotation – a Kindle Paperwhite and a Kindle Fire – which I use for different reasons. I love how lightweight and portable the paperwhite is and it saved my life during my childrens’ infant stages. It was so easy to read with the paperwhite while I nursed. If anyone were to ask about a gift for a new mom, I would say a Kindle Paperwhite. I love my Kindle Fire for things that need to be viewed in color, especially knitting patterns. I used to print all of my patterns out, but then I’d leave a trail of papers everywhere and sheets would get out of order and it all was so messy. But now I can email the pdf to my fire and have easy (and tidy) access.

This goes along with the public library and my kindles. Using my library card, I have access to so many audiobooks and electronic books without paying a penny. It’s amazing.

I used to be a LibraryThing devotee, but I’ve gradually switched allegiances over the last few years. I’ve found it’s so much easier to see what my friends are reading on Goodreads, which helps me stay up to date on all of the great new releases out there. Find me here!

Another way to stay up to date on what’s new and awesome in the world of books. It’s taken me a long time to find my core group of bloggers, which continues to morph. There are so many niches out there and I have so many interests that it’s really hard for me to narrow down what I’m drawn to. But I’m slowly finding where I fit and the blogs that I love to read.

And tea, of course. Caffeine keeps me going and pretty cups make my heart go pitter patter. Pretty matters.

My new Hobonichi
I’m trying out the Hobonichi Weeks in 2020 and am not totally sure how I’m going to use it yet. I don’t have a ton of appointments or scheduled events in my life and I use Google Calendar for those things anyway. I’m hoping to use the hobonichi for habit tracking and intention setting. We’ll see how it goes!

I’m using a plain, lined journal for my morning pages now. I was looking for a less expensive option than the Leuchtturm notebooks that I had been using, especially since I knew I was going to transition back to hobonichi for “planning.” I found this Minimalism Art notebook in the prettiest pink and I’m really enjoying it.

I have been purging books like crazy and love being able to drop off a big box at Goodwill. I get so overwhelmed by clutter – and that includes book clutter. I don’t need to own every book that I’ve ever read or am going to read in the future. I now have two long shelves in my bedroom with all of my books – and that’s enough. I’m sure I’ll keep purging and making room for fresh, new energy in my home!

But I also love scanning Goodwill for children’s books. I’ve found so many Dr. Seuss books for $1, which is about 1/15 of the cost if I were to buy it new! I’ve loaded up on Little Golden Books and holiday books — again, all for $1 or less. My kids are thrilled when they see a new collection of books to peruse.

My computer desk
I have a sweet little desk that I sit at to write all of my blog posts and morning pages. It’s L shaped and usually full of clutter, which drives me crazy. At my feet is a sheepskin rug that I got at the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival that is so soft and scrumptious on my feet. I love having a little space that’s all my own. To sit down, think, write, and drink a hot cup of coffee. I dream of having an empty desk – with only my computer and keyboard, my notebooks for journaling and planning, and a mug rug with a steaming cup. It’s gotta happen one day!!

I hope to be back tomorrow for an Unraveled post but in case I don’t make it, I’d like to wish all of my US friends a very happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Yes! I love my public libraries. I’m lucky to be able to take advantage of both my city and county library systems, so I can usually find just about any book I’m looking for. I also love that my libraries have “Friends of the Library” sales that help fund the library. I can drop off my old books and they can sell them for profit, which goes back into the library systems. Win-win!

    Happy TTT!


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