Unraveled – 11.27.19

Happy Wednesday! Wednesdays are for unraveling with Kat at As Kat Knits. Kat hosts a weekly linkup for bloggers to share what they’re reading and knitting – give her a visit for some inspiration!


I am sad to share that I haven’t finished a single book since last week’s post. The only reading I’ve done this week has been at the end of the driveway waiting to scoop my oldest up from the bus. There are a few contributing factors here:

  • I’ve been knitting like mad (more updates on that front below),
  • My husband is on vacation (yay!) and we’ve been planning and prepping for a Thanksgiving feast, and
  • The third season of The Crown has been released, which my husband and I are savoring by watching only one episode a day. I am thrilled with the new cast, despite my initial hesitation. I was totally convinced by Claire Foy’s portrayal of The Queen, but Olivia Colman is lovely.

So the reading has been slow. I’m still making my way through Plainsong – now about 100 pages in. This book is short, only about 300 pages, so I’m very interested to see how these storylines are going to merge.

After Plainsong, I have The Fountains of Silence queued up. This is the latest novel by Ruta Sepetys, the author of Salt to the Sea – a YA novel that I recently devoured. The Fountains of Silence is set in 1957 Madrid, which is being ruled by the dictator General Francisco Franco. I know next to nothing about that period of history, so I’m looking forward to this one, too. I love historical fiction!

Yesterday I got a call from the library to let me know that they had Ninth House set aside for me, so I’ll run out to pick that up today. And I just got access to an advanced copy of Code Name Helene, plus I have a huge stack of backlist titles I was hoping to get through before the new year. I can feel myself starting to get overwhelmed! But there are SO many good books out in the world and I’m so lucky to have access to so many of them.


Here it is! My finished Old Romance sweater! (Please excuse the Wellies – they are all I wear outside now, luckily I cleaned off the chicken poop before taking these photos!)

I adore it. The sleeves are so sweet and clever. It’s the perfect little cardi to throw over nearly anything! It was a quick knit for me, which I’m thankful for. The pattern was well written and so easy to follow, which I am also thankful for. It’s nice to be able to enjoy something the same calendar year it was started!

I’m making great progress on my So Faded Pint Size for Baby Birdie (also featured in the pictures above), but no photographic evidence yet. I’m on the hem, so I might be able to finish that and both sleeves by next week’s Unraveled? Anything is possible lately!

Thanks for visiting today! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US – I wished you all a happy Thanksgiving yesterday out of an abundance of caution, but am happy that I made it here today to say it again: Happy Thanksgiving! I am so looking forward to the delicious smells, tasty food, and LOTS of dessert. I hope you all have the most spectacular day.

(PS, the Aga in the cover photo is not in my home, but I sure wish it was. Credit to Aga Ranges for the beautiful oven!)


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  1. I just loved this season of the Crown (I was bad and binged…) I just love your sweater! It turned out beautifully! I am wishing you and your family the Happiest of Thanksgivings!

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