Random Friday

Happy Friday, kindred spirits. I’m sharing a smattering of pictures from the last month or so. Life has been quiet – just how I like it.

My biggest bear was a ghost for Halloween and he loved scaring everyone. I’ve taken short walks after getting both boys on their respective buses and am taking in the changes around me. The kiddos have had lots of playdoh time. The cat has enjoyed the late fall frenzy of birds and squirrels. All three kiddos have alternated super chilly outside time with warm and cozy time in the house. The baby is so cute in her warm clothes and very much enjoys curling up on the floor with a good book.

I’m slowly finding a blogging rhythm, which makes me happy. I’ve figured out that if I get out of bed when my alarm goes off, I have time to do my morning journaling, set an intention for the day, and then have half an hour to work on a blog post before the two youngest start to wake up. So now I keep my alarm away from my bed, which forces me to unearth from my warm burrow. And since I’m already out of bed, I may as well use the bathroom right? And look at that, I set up the coffee pot last night so now it’s brewing. I love it when the coffee is hot. How did this all work out so perfectly at 4:30am?? Careful planning, that’s how.

It also helps that I’ve drastically lowered my expectations for blogging. In my perfect life, I’d blog 7 days a week. I’d publish thoughtful posts with beautiful pictures that resonated. My posts would make everyone content, cozy, encouraged, and know that they’re living their best lives. Maybe one day, but I’m reminding myself that this is all writing practice.

I thought this would be easier when I left my job, but it’s actually been harder. Because I’m not bringing any financial benefits into the home, I’ve really leaned into putting everything I have into cleaning (which never seems to matter) and being present with the kids. I wouldn’t change it – I’m thankful that we’re able to cobble this together and that I get to experience my life in this way. But I definitely regret all of the judgmental thoughts I’ve had about stay at home moms over the years.

I’ve spent more time than usual in front of the television this week, so I haven’t put as much time into reading. I think I’m watching so much TV because of the impeachment hearings and that things will go back to normal for me once they quiet down, but I’m worried about developing habits that will be hard to break. So next week I will try to go back to normal – no TV after the kids go to bed! Wish me luck.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Any big plans? Any good books that you can’t wait to curl up with?

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  1. Loved this, Katie — maybe especially the ‘late fall frenzy of birds and squirrels.’ So glad you’re back at it on the blogging front and enjoying life on the home front. I just finished Blowout (Maddow) and am starting Samantha Powers’ The Education of an Idealist (both books I’m listening to). I am still reading (and loving) Jayber Crow — thanks so much for turning me on to this wonderful wellspring of calm and inspiration. Hope you have a great weekend!

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    1. Thanks Jordy! The Education of an Idealist sounds great – let me know what you think about it!! And I’m glad that you’re enjoying Jayber Crow. I thought he was such a relatable character!


  2. Oh, truly..being a homemaker is a demanding and around the clock job. I learned that as well as a former school teacher who left work to be there for my then troubled teenage daughter. You have such a sweet plan for managing your days, and it sounds so similar to mine! Thank you for such an inspiring and insightful post, Katie. Have a great weekend!

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  3. I’m glad you’re finding a blogging rhythm! I am too. It’s comforting to finally figure out something that works. Right now I’m reading a nonfiction book called Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon. Very illuminating! Haven’t settled on my next fiction book yet. Have a great weekend!

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    1. It feels great to be able to capture a little time to work on something that I love, even if it’s much more slowly than I’d like! I’m so glad to see blog posts from you lately, too!

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