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Today I’m linking up with As Kat Knits to share what I’m reading and knitting. Visit her blog to find more inspiration!

It’s been a while since I did this linkup – September 4. In preparation for this post, I took my Old Romance sweater outside yesterday to snap a picture and felt discouraged. I thought that I had barely knit a stitch since that last post and could probably just use that old picture and be fine. But I’m so glad that I took the picture because I was able to compare September 4th’s picture the one shot yesterday. What do you think? Any progress?

(September 4)
(October 30)

Yes! How ENCOURAGING! Now imagine what I could get done if I was a bit more purposeful about knitting? The fire to finish this has been lit because I want to knit some woolens for my little birdie. Can you believe that she has nothing water resistant? The poor little thing has to be completely changed every time she comes inside because she gets totally soaked every day, no matter what.

I’m only going to share the highlights of what I’ve read since my last Unraveled post. Now that I look at my notebook I can see that I’ve read a ton. This is going to be hard!

I’m currently reading The Gown by Jennifer Robson and am loving it! 1940s, two embroiderers working for the designer commissioned to make Princess Elizabeth’s wedding gown, and a mystery. It has so much English coziness – rose rimmed plates, plenty of tea time, warming slippers in the oven – I could scream. The embroidery descriptions are wonderful.

In early September I fell in love with The Stationery Shop by Marjan Kamali. This was the story of two star-crossed lovers in 1950s Tehran who met in a stationery shop. This book included wonderful descriptions of bookish paraphernalia and amazing Persian food.

Little Comfort & The Missing Ones by Edwin Hill are the first installments of the Hester Thursby series. Hester is a librarian at Harvard who has a side hustle of finding missing people. Little Comfort took Hester to Squam Lake in New Hampshire for a dark and disturbing mystery. I almost couldn’t finish it, but was too pulled in to stop. The Missing Ones took her to an island in Maine. The Missing Ones wasn’t quite as disturbing as Little Comfort and I found the mystery to be stronger – I loved it!

In early October I finished Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys was surprised by how much this young adult WWII novel impacted me. It told the story of the German people and their allies fleeing the country as it became clear they were losing the war. I’d never heard about the particular historical event featured and am now interested in learning more about the impact of the war on civilians living in Germany and surrounding countries.

And of course, there’s my new-found love of Wendell Berry which I wrote a bit more about yesterday. He has such an appreciation for the world around him and describes how unsettling many of the changes in this country have become. I can’t wait to read more!

Okay – those are some of the highlights from the last month. As always, I do an okay job of keeping my Goodreads list up to date and I always love more friends over there! And if you’re a knitter on Ravelry, please find me there too!

My two youngest are now awake and I must run! But please tell me what you’ve been reading or crafting in the comments!


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  1. Wow, SO much progress on so many fronts. The sweater is beautiful and the books sound awesome. I’m intrigued by the Hester Thursby series but have to stay away from scariness for the time being, as I’ll be heading ‘into the woods’ in @ a month and don’t want to be too scared while I’m there! 😉

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    1. Thank you!! And yes, I think the Hester Thursby series would make things very scary for your time away! But I think a deep Wendell Berry dive would make for some contemplative reading in your solitude 🤓


  2. You are making very good progress on your sweater! And your reading list is full of things I have not read! My first introduction to Wendell Berry was when a friend shared A Timbored Choir: The Sabbath Poems. He has such an incredible way with words!

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    1. He does!! I’m so happy that I found him. Thanks for the kind words about my sweater – and for the motivation to blog about it because I never would have realized my progress without this comparison!

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  3. Your sweater looks great. Sometimes a knitted project just takes time. Slow and steady wins the race. Wendell Berry is a treasure. My introduction to him was a collection of his essays. I have gone on to enjoy his poetry too. You are right – he is so very thoughtful and eloquent.

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