Unraveled Wednesday – November 6

And a week has gone by without a post! But thank goodness for Kat’s Unraveled linkups — they give me the motivation to share what’s going on around here. If you love to read and/or knit, take a peek at Kat’s blog today!

Last week I shared the progress on my Old Romance sweater, but I haven’t knitted a stitch since that post, so there’s no update on that front.

But since last week’s post, I finished The Gown by Jennifer Robson and adored it! So cozy and full of embroidery and British history. There was a romance story line that didn’t totally overtake the whole novel – perfection.

I’ve started The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates and am about 200 pages into it. I really, really want to like this novel but am having a tough time with it. The writing is beautiful and Coates does a great job of illustrating how this country was built on the backs of others. But the story is really confusing me; I think it’s supposed to be confusing because the main character is also very confused, but it’s been difficult to follow. I’m sticking with it because I love books about The Underground Railroad and I love what this author has to say. I’m just hoping that I get swept away by the story very soon.

I think my ambivalence towards The Water Dancer is compounded by the fact that my desk is full of library books right now: The Dutch House, Plainsong, and One for the Blackbird One for the Crows. There are so many books that I want to get to!! (Not to mention the stack of Wendell Berry novels that I’ve purchased in the last month.)

Thanks for stopping by today! Have you read The Water Dancer yet? Please tell me that it gets better and that I should stick with it!


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  1. Water Dancer just came off hold from the library and I am listening to Plainsong right now! AND… I added One for the Blackbird, One for the Crows to my kindle.

    My knitting has been sidetracked with some fun knitting for my girls so I don’t feel guilty at all about casting on some new projects!

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    1. I laughed the other day when I saw on Goodreads that you started Plainsong because I had JUST gotten it at the library! We’re totally on the same wavelength 🙂

      Enjoy your fun knitting projects! I can’t wait to see them on your blog!


  2. I am hoping to read Dutch House very soon. I’m nervous about Water Dancer – seeing mixed reviews. Some weeks I read and some weeks I knit. I’m happy if at least one of those diversions takes place.

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  3. I love your peaceful photo. What are you drinking in that mug? I’m always in search of a new hot drink. I haven’t read the Water Dancer. I have the Dutch House on library hold. There are so many books. I’ll give a book awhile but never feel guilty or badly about abandoning one and going on to another. I loved Plain Song.

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    1. Hi Jane! Isn’t it a lovely picture? Sadly, it’s not mine – it was a free photo from canva.com. But lately I have been wild about Maxwell House International instant coffee in the hazelnut flavor, which looks a lot like the picture in this post!

      Thank you for the encouragement to abandon books – I decided to abandon The Water Dancer last night and moved on to The Dutch House. I spent over a week and read 200 pages on The Water Dancer… Then I read 150 pages of The Dutch House in one evening after the kids went to bed. I think I made the right decision!!


    1. I decided to abandon The Water Dancer on Wednesday… I feel bad because I wanted to like it so much. But it’s The Year of the Abandoned Book and was time to move on!


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