Unraveled 7/17/19

Hi friends! I’m joining Kat at AsKatKnits.com and sharing what I’ve been reading and knitting lately. I was hoping to do this more regularly, but writing has been on the back burner as summer has begun to take center stage around here!


June and July have been slow reading months for me so far, but I have a fat stack of books from the library staring at me as I type this so I’m hoping that shifts soon!

The Invited by Jennifer McMahon – I’ve loved everything I’ve read by this author. Her novels are usually set in Vermont and are very spooky and this one didn’t disappoint. A couple, Helen and Nate, purchase a property in rural Vermont to build their dream home. Soon, strange things start happening and they believe they’re encountering the ghost of a witch. Helen becomes consumed with learning the history of the property and about the descendants of the witch as unexplained activity begins to ramp up.

The House at Sea’s End by Elly Griffiths – the third in the Ruth Galloway series. The author did a great job of describing the difficult transition from maternity back to work. Now that Ruth is back in her office, it seems as though people at work are doubting her commitment and everyone is judging her as a mother, including herself. But she still gets a rush when she’s called to do her archaeology thing when a pile of bones are found buried on a secluded beach. She soon discovers they’re from the WWII era and the investigation is on!

The River by Peter Heller – a hot new release that everyone seems to be raving about and for good reason! Wynn and Jack are on their dream trip – a remote canoeing adventure in Canada, when they discover they’re being chased by a fire. To complicate matters, there are a couple of unnerving groups of people that they stop and try to warn. While trying to do the right thing for one of the groups, they get in quite the pickle. I was on the edge of my seat as they tried to get to their destination as quickly as possible!


And yes, I’ve been knitting! Thanks to the release of the third season of Stranger Things (I haven’t finished it though, so please – no spoilers!) and my husband’s vacation this week, there’s been some great television viewing in the evenings after the kids go to bed, which means: knitting!

I’m still working on my Reagan sweater and have finally finished the lace section – I just need to do some stockinette stitching and bind off and then I’ll be ready to jump into the finishing stages. This project has now been on my needles for over a year and I’m itching to pick out something fresh and new! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will be done by the fall and I can curl up on the couch in it with a good book or a pile of wool (or both!)

By the way, did you know that I have a tiny etsy shop that’s full of Jamieson and Smith yarn? That’s what I’m using on my Reagan sweater and I’m just loving it. I’ve had my shop for about 4 year and I’m looking to close up, so the yarn is at a fantastic price. I’d love it if you clicked over and poked around a bit!

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you’re having a little summer fun.


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  1. The sweater looks so pretty. You are almost finished. I enjoy the Ruth Galloway series. Ruth is my kind of heroine – she is middle aged and not worried too much about fashion or living a nonconforming life. In other words – she is real.


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