Things That Make Me Pick Up A Book

I read for the atmosphere. If a book has that certain feel to it – I am hooked. Usually it’s something that’s inherently bookish – like libraries, coffee or tea, cobblestone streets, or ancient old-world vampires. You know. The usual.

So read on for what makes my heart go pitter-patter!!

A Leather Satchel

The Clockmaker’s Daughter opens with a leather satchel. I can picture myself throwing an old leather satchel stuffed with ancient manuscripts over my shoulder while going to work at an archive. Of course, my choice would be the Windsor Castle Archives, but I’m not picky. Any old archive would do.

Cobblestone Streets (preferably with snow)

Who wouldn’t want to visit Prague, even if vicariously? I could totally see myself in this book – with a leather satchel and running down cobblestone streets to escape from the evil spirit of Melmoth.


Public or private. Burned down or in a castle. In a burnt down castle? Even better. The Thirteenth Tale is one of my all-time favorite books. And now I’m itching to read this one again!


Writing in a library? With a leather satchel? Drinking a cup of tea or coffee? Hello?! The Lake House has one of my favorite author portrayals – Alice Edevane.

Remember when I said ancient old-world vampires?

The Historian ticked a lot of boxes, but this was all about tracking down Vlad the Impaler all over Europe. Trains, old letters, libraries — I think I want to read it again now!


Anything with witches gets me every.single.time. The Witches of New York was fun because it involved tea, herbs, and palm-reading.


Tea: check. Libraries: check. Witches: check. Ancient old-world vampires: check. There was a reason why I practically devoured A Discovery of Witches. I didn’t enjoy the second two of the series quite as much, but this one was divine.

Cozy Cottages

And Thornyhold is my favorite cozy cottage. Complete with an Aga stove, a mystery cat, and a beautiful herb and flower garden. So wonderful.

Amazing Food Descriptions

Louise Penny is the master at this one with her Inspector Armand Gamache series. French food always sucks me in. The Beautiful Mystery had some of my favorite descriptions of the series that I’ve read so far.

Thanks to Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl for Hosting this link-up! This was a really fun topic.

And how about you? Can you identify with any of my favorite things? Or do any of these turn you OFF of a book?? What’s your favorite thing about your favorite books?


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  1. Great list! Witches are on my list this week, too, and I totally agree with you about libraries and cobbles and leather satchels – I love the feel of books like that. One of these days I will finally cross The Historian off my TBR!

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