Books to Get You Out of A Reading Slump

March has historically been a horrible reading month for me. I find myself happily chugging along and reading a ton until March: cue the squealing breaks and an awful reading slump. I don’t know if it’s the anticipation of spring, the awareness that I’ve set a reading goal that is unattainable, or what — but it always seems to happen!

A happy trick that I’ve found is to read books about bookish people. It’s almost like it pushes the reset button for me and reminds me what I love about reading in the first place. These are all books that I loved curling up with — I hope one or two of them spark something in you!

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

The British island of Guernsey was occupied by Nazis during WWII and the people of the island had to get creative in order to be able to visit with each other! Plus, the main character is a writer — love!


I loved this YA novel about twins who started to drift apart in college. The main character, Cath, is semi-famous online for writing fanfic. So much fun!

A Gentleman in Moscow

My adoration for Count Rostov is no secret. He is a thoughtful, intelligent, and well-read man on house arrest in Russia — and his house just happens to be a luxurious hotel!

The Swan Thieves

I loved this novel set in the mysterious art world. What is it about art that can make the innocent seem so scandalous? Kostova’s The Historian is another bookish romp that I loved.

The Thirteenth Tale

There can be no list of bookish people without The Thirteenth Tale. What a creepy little page turner this was!


Speaking of creepy page turner, here’s my review for Melmoth. This was such a bookish dream! Or nightmare?


Matilda is one of my all-time favorite characters. Who wouldn’t want magical powers and her ability to plow through a stack of books?

The Broken Teaglass

A book about a group of people who write the dictionary?! With files and files of words and their usages?! And… a murder?! Ka-ching!

The Eyre Affair

The ability to jump in a book and run amok sounds like good, wholesome fun. In this one, Jane Eyre has has been kidnapped from her novel and Thursday Next, an operative in Literary Detection, must save her!

The Goldfinch

Another foray into the dangerous world of art! This one is full of art museums, antique furniture, and lovely NYC apartments. Also a sickening departure to Las Vegas, but a story needs tension, right?

Okay – give me what you’ve got. Please share any and all books about bookish people in the comments!! We’re in the thick of March and I want to ward off all reading slumps!


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  1. I actually watched a movie on the potato peel pie society. The book has to be awesome!! I will have to get it and read it. Normally I don’t like doing it in that order, but I’m positive the depth the book will bring will be the filling to what I was already left wondering from the movie. Hehe, get it filling …pie..I know I’m awful.

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