Places in Books That I’d Love to Visit

Thanks to Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl for hosting Top Ten Tuesday. This week’s topic is places in books that I’d love to visit, which set my brain afire! I read for the atmosphere – the thicker, the better.

As I wrote this list, I realized that I skew towards English country cottages and ANY book with great food descriptions. Some weeks I have a hard time coming up with ten choices – this week I had a hard time stopping at ten!

Three Pines

Have you visited Three Pines yet? The first installment of The Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series starts with Still Life. You might not be smitten with the series after reading the first or second novel, but keep going. By the third, I think you might just fall in love!

The village of Three Pines is so tiny that it’s not even on a map. In Quebec, somewhere near Vermont, sits three tall pine trees – a beacon of safety. In this village, you can find a delicious bistro with fabulous french flavors, a used bookstore, and a kooky poet with a duck. I don’t think there’s much more that I need to say!


I became obsessed with Sweden after reading The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. I know, totally not the most romantic book series. But open faced sandwiches? Endless supply of hot, black coffee? I’m there.

Maggie Hope’s Victorian Home in London

Sadly, her home wasn’t featured in the second or third novels – maybe it will show up again in one of the future books! But I loved curling up with a cup of tea in Mr. Churchill’s Secretary and spotting Maggie’s lovely Victorian home.

The Burrow, duh

I am in love with The Burrow and Mrs. Weasley. I want TO BE Mrs. Weasley. The Burrow first really appears in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets — we visit The Burrow and meet most of the amazing Weasley clan. It is such a cozy home – full of knitted and quilted things, a full larder, and lots of love.

The Home of the Owens’ Sisters

Another Victorian, this time in a seaside Massachusetts town. And a killer greenhouse and garden (literally). Practical Magic, and its prequel The Rules of Magic, are two of my favorite novels by Alice Hoffman. I also love rewatching the movie.

Anywhere Kate Morton has written about

It’s no secret that Kate Morton is my favorite author and that The Secret Keeper is my favorite novel of hers. She’s a master at setting picturesque English scenes. I always feel like I’m being taken to some other world when I read her books!

The Cottage in Thornyhold

Thornyhold is the only book that I try to reread every year. I think it’s the perfect Autumn read. I love the scenes where Gilly is spiffying up the cottage, firing up the old Aga, and eating pies. It makes me want to clean my house and bake up classic English meat pies.

Metropol Hotel

Who couldn’t fall in love with the glamorous Metropol Hotel? Even the small attic room that Count Rostov was relegated to? A Gentleman in Moscow is a fairy tale for adults, full of careful observations, and an appreciation for the beauty of life.

The Greenglass House

Milo and his parents run the Greenglass House, a creaky old inn that is perched in a picturesque seaside location. This novel is set over Milo’s Christmas vacation and is full of the coziest foods and activities — not to mention a mystery! The Ghosts of Greenglass House, the sequel, is just as lovely and cozy.

Vasya’s Home in the Bear and the Nightingale

Set in the Russian wilderness, Vasya’s cottage in The Bear and the Nighingale always has a roaring fire and a scary story to be shared. This was a feminist fairy tale with all sorts of fun twists.

This was a fun topic! Do you know of any picturesque cottages that I could curl up into?


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