Characters I’d Like to Switch Places With

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a fun topic — thanks to Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl for hosting! This topic is parallel to last week’s topic for me, but I’d like to point out that I wouldn’t want to switch places with Lisbeth Salander despite desperately wanting to visit Sweden.

Mrs. Weasley

It’s no secret that I often ask myself “What would Mrs. Weasley do?” so it shouldn’t be a surprise when she’s the first on this list! Mrs. Weasley is the epitome of motherhood and coziness and she’s my beacon in life.

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Read the Harry Potter series!!

Hermione Granger

And the answer to “What would Hermione Granger do?” is always “go to the library,” which also happens to be my answer in life. Or google.

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Again – Read the Harry Potter series!!

Gilly from Thornyhold

As I said last week, Thornyhold is the one book that I try to read every year and Gilly is such a wonderful character. She’s slightly jaded and very wary. I love reading about inheriting this old cottage and cleaning it up. I love the descriptions in this book – the descriptions of the furniture and the gardens. And I so love the underlying question — are witches real?

(I’m just now realizing how many witches are in this list. Hmm..)

Reine-Marie Gamache

The wife of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache isn’t always center stage, but I love it when she plays a part of this series. She’s thoughtful, smart, and passionate. She loves Three Pines and her family and enjoys the finer things in life without being extravagant (rosewater perfume? Yes, please). Plus, she’s a librarian.

This is such a wonderful series. I just can’t say it enough!

Alice Edevane in The Lake House

I love books about writers and The Lake House is among the most captivating. I adored Alice Edevane, the elderly crime writer who reluctantly shares the tragic story of her past. Just thinking about the scenes in her London (?) home make me want to read this again!

Elodie Winslow in The Clockmaker’s Daughter

There are so many characters in The Clockmaker’s Daughter, but the one I loved the most was Elodie, mostly because of her job as an archivist.

Count Rostov

A Gentleman in Moscow makes nearly every one of my book lists. I loved this tale about a man facing house arrest at the Metropol Hotel in Moscow by the Bolsheviks. I admired the Count for his ability to make such insightful observations of those around him. My copy is full of book darts and I’m waiting a few more years to read this one again!

Flavia de Luce

WHO wouldn’t want to be Flavia de Luce for a day?! What a delightful and annoying little girl! She’s so quick-witted and too smart for her own good and has such fabulous adventures. I do find it disturbing that there are so many murders in this small country village, but hey? I’m game.

Here’s the link to the first in the series – so much fun!

Diana Bishop

I felt like the series petered out after the first book, A Discovery of Witches, but boy — did I love that first book! Diana is a historian researching at Oxford’s Bodleian Library. There’s a cozy campus-side apartment, lots of tea drinking, and lots of time in the library. And vampires. And other witches. And a feud that is centuries in the making.

Lyra Belacqua

I first read The Golden Compass in high school and it blew my mind. I thought I was robbing a bank when I was able to borrow the whole series from the library, because surely the librarians didn’t know what it was really about. I don’t think they would have kept it on the shelves of my small evangelical hometown if they did! It was the first book that I’d read that so clearly challenged Christianity in such a careful and thought-provoking way. And Lyra, a plucky survivor, will be appreciated for being one of the best characters in literature someday, I’m sure!

Today’s topic was so much fun. Are you joining along? Won’t you share your link? And do you have any thoughts or recommendations for me?


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  1. Great list! I need to read A Discovery of Witches and the Flavia de Luce series. Thornyhold sounds like a lovely book – I’ll have to check it out!

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