February Bullet Journal Flip Through

You just can’t beat the flexibility of a bullet journal. I left for a while and used other methods, but now I’m back with a vengeance! Some months I may only use the monthly tracker. Some weeks I might need a weekly spread. Some days I might want to draw out a daily spread. It just depends on what I need, want, and have the energy to do on any given day. And that’s okay. With a bullet journal, you use what you need and nothing more!

How I used my bullet journal last month

Monthly Spread
I used my typical monthly habit tracker to track household chores and a few goals that I set for myself: daily writing, reading, and a few lines in my five year book. I also have a goal for exercise that I didn’t once accomplish in February. Or January either, but that’s a different matter.

Also, my five year old really enjoyed playing with my pens and tracing lines on the spread this month!

Running To-Do List
I felt like I was juggling too much in my head this month, so I started a quick spread with a running to-do list. I put dates only to know when I added the task to the list. Even if something was dated February 4th, that didn’t mean that I necessarily finished the task on that day! Only that was the day I thought to add it to my to-do list. See? Make it anything you need or want.

Morning Pages
I write my morning pages in my bullet journal and have a flip-through posted below if you’re interested in seeing how that works. I used to keep a separate notebook for morning pages, but now I just write them here because I like keeping all of my scribbles together. Instead of flipping from one notebook to see the tracker and the weekly spreads and then another to see what I was worried about in my morning pages, they’re all right here together. It works for me right now. We’ll see how I feel about it next month!

Enjoy this video of the month’s flip through! If you have the volume on, you’ll be able to hear the lovely sound of the pages flipping and the baby’s swing through the monitor!

Have you been writing in your journal? Started bullet journaling? Or some other method altogether? Tell me what’s keeping you sane and organized lately!


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