Top 10 Tuesday – A Few Cozy Things

Hi everyone! Today is a freebie Top 10 Tuesday with Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl. I loved last week’s category – Cozy/Wintry Reads – but I’ve had a hard time getting much reading in lately because of life. Instead, today I’m focusing on cozy things that have brought me little bouts of joy throughout the craziness of my day to day!


Have you seen or tried these? They are little waffle cookies with delicious fillings that you place on top of your hot cup of coffee or tea. The steam from your drink warms up the filling and makes it all melty and delicious. This is a Dutch classic that I’ve decided I’m always keeping on hand!

Minty coffee – my current favorite is Candy Cane Coffee from Target’s Archer Farms. Less than 5 bucks for the bag and so festive. Of course, I always love a good peppermint mocha latte from Starbucks, but the price is prohibitive these days. It’s really nice to be able to brew a much cheaper version at home and just get a whiff of the minty goodness every time I walk by the pot!

Hand sewing – I’ve started a new hand sewing project, a Mandolin Quilt with Liberty of London fabrics – and I can’t decide if I’m bonkers or not. But I love a good floral, the feeling of fabric in my hands, and the quiet sound of a needle sliding through high quality cotton, so I’m a happy gal nonetheless.


I’m re-watching The Crown these days. I love everything about this show. The sets. The costumes. The accents. The actors. It’s just perfect! The third season will introduce Queen Elizabeth later in her reign and will feature new actors. I’m sad that Claire Foy and Matt Smith will no longer be on the show, but am excited to see what the future brings!


I’m also watching The Great British Baking Show on loop. I’ve seen all of the seasons on Netflix multiple times (except the one just added, I’ve only seen that one once). Is there a more perfect show right now? I think not. I was nervous about the switch in hosts, but I’ve come to love Noel and Sandy just as much. We are lucky to live in the age of good television!

I’ve been luxuriating in my quilts and hand knits lately. Sometimes when I get back to reading after a long stretch away, I kick myself for “losing” so much time to knitting and sewing. But then I roll around in one of my finished projects and am so happy that I spent the time on it. Ehh — I’m just never happy!

There you have it – not quite ten, but enough to keep me busy and happy as the days get shorter and the snow piles up around me. How about you? What’s keeping you happy and cozy these days?


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  1. Ah, The Crown is such an ultimate comfort. I am hoping to rewatch it and maybe Victoria this winter. They’re just so cozy. You’re totally right about, well, everything about The Crown. It’s all so beautiful. I’m pretty bummed about the cast changes, but I am hopeful!

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    1. AHHH!! VICTORIA! I’m at the beginning of the second season. I’ve been moving at a much slower pace with that one for some reason, but still enjoy it.

      Let’s stay hopeful about the cast changes on The Crown! I’m looking forward to seeing Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret!


  2. Your sewing projects are just gorgeous! I’m envious of your abilities. I can’t even sew on a button.

    I am glad to hear that about the new Great British Baking Show. I haven’t watched the new hosts yet because I’m nervous about the switch. Hearing that you love it still makes me want to watch.

    Also, I’ve never tried the Stroopwaffels but I surely will! Yum!

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    1. Thanks about the sewing! But you should know that I also struggle to sew on buttons… My interests are not practical in any way! :p If you ever want to learn to quilt, let me know. I’ll share the resources that were helpful to me.

      And YES – don’t give up on the baking show. I was SO nervous about losing Mary Berry and Mel and Sue — but the new judge and hosts are wonderful. Different, but wonderful.

      Happy Holidays!!

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