Library Checkout: July 2018

Thanks to Laila at Big Reading Life, I just learned about the coolest monthly meme: Library Checkout! There's no linkup this month, but the idea is for people to share what they've gotten from the library over the last few weeks. I love my public library - even if I mostly use their digital services... Continue Reading →

Classics Club Spin #18

Hi friends! It's time for another Classics Club Spin! Here's my full list. I've picked 20 and on August 1st the Classics Club will pick a number at random - and voila! That will be the book that I'm going to read. I'm hoping this will get me going on my list because I haven't finished ANY... Continue Reading →

The Simple Things in Life Are Saving Me

The news cycle is unrelenting. I find myself getting lost in the endless loop of Twitter - the same heartbreaking news stories and pictures, with several hundred different outraged people attached to them. My heart breaks with every scroll through social media. My outrage at America's willingness to vote a miscreant into office is renewed... Continue Reading →

The Remains of the Day

I've been wanting to read The Remains of the Day for years, but can't remember where I first heard about it. I've scoured my public library, overdrive, and used bookstores looking for a copy, but never had any luck. Last week I decided to just bite the bullet and buy the Kindle edition. I've read... Continue Reading →

March 2018 Quicklit Link-Up

  It’s been forever since I’ve joined a Quicklit link up with The Modern Mrs. Darcy! If you’re looking for some inspiration, go check out today's post and visit some of the bloggers linking up with her. I promise, your TBR will runneth over! It’s hard to know where to start since I haven’t linked... Continue Reading →

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

  Holy moly – how does Kristin Hannah make me sob like a baby? The Great Alone was about a family of homesteaders in Alaska in the 70s. Leni, the young protagonist of the story, is living with her parents in the wilds of Alaska despite having no wilderness survival skills. Her father was a... Continue Reading →

Hobonichi Love

It's Monday again! I'm just checking in to share last week's hobonichi spread, my productivity for the week, and a few updates. Last week was a bit of a mess for me and I was completely thrown off of my routine. I did manage to journal 6 days, read my daily quota from War and... Continue Reading →

Classics Spin Winner!

Earlier this week I wrote about my Classics Club Spin List. The Classics Club picked #3, which means that I'll be reading The Tenant of Wildfell Hall! I really wanted to purchase this beautiful clothbound edition, but chose to be economical and went with a $.99 Kindle edition instead, haha. I have to admit, I'm a... Continue Reading →

Classics Club Spin #17 Book List

  I'm getting my spin selections in just under the wire! Over the weekend I announced that I was joining The Classics Club, just in time to participate in one of their spins. What is a spin? Well, you can read all about it here, but to brief: participants choose twenty books from their master... Continue Reading →

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