Classics Club Spin #18

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Hi friends! It’s time for another Classics Club Spin! Here’s my full list. I’ve picked 20 and on August 1st the Classics Club will pick a number at random – and voila! That will be the book that I’m going to read.

I’m hoping this will get me going on my list because I haven’t finished ANY of them. I’m still rather hesitant about reading classics – second guessing myself and my ability to understand them adequately and to stay focused enough. But enough of that! It’s time to get cracking.

To make my list a bit more random, I’ve sorted my spreadsheet (yes, I have a spreadsheet!) by the title of the book. The last spin was sorted by the author’s last name. I know – still not totally random, but oh well.

Here’s my list:

Author Name Title pub’d Reread?
1 Woolf, Virginia A Room of One’s Own 1929
2 Smith, Betty A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 1943
3 L’Engle, Madeleine A Wrinkle in Time 1962 Y
4 Bronte, Anne Agnes Gray 1847
5 Morrison, Toni Beloved 1987
6 Jackson, Shirley Come Along With Me 1968
7 Shelley, Mary Frankenstein 1818
8 Robinson, Marilynne Housekeeping 1980
9 Angelou, Maya I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings 1969 Y
10 Woolf, Virginia Jacob’s Room 1922
11 Austen, Jane Northanger Abbey 1817
12 Cather, Willa O Pioneers! 1913
13 Chopin, Kate The Story of an Hour 1894
14 O’Connor, Flannery The Violent Bear It Away 1960
15 Undset, Sigrid The Wreath 1920
16 Hurston, Zora Neale Their Eyes Were Watching God 1942
17 Read, Miss Thrush Green (TG #1) 1959
18 Lee, Harper To Kill a Mockingbird 1960 Y
19 Read, Miss Village School (FA #1) 1955
20 Rhys, Jean Wide Sargasso Sea 1966

Have you joined the classics club yet? Have you read any of these books? Talk to me!


13 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin #18

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  1. One of the things I’d like to do at the Classics Club is to encourage people to try classics by offering some helps for those of us who might like a little support to get through some of the more challenging reads. I’m hoping to add some of that support with links on a Resource Page.

    And, it’s just my two cents, but I was so disappointed with Housekeeping, as was my entire f-to-f bookclub. On the other hand, I recently listened to Frankenstein and Their Eyes Were Watching God, and I thought these were wonderful books.

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    1. I would love a resource like that! And thanks for your input on a few of my choices. Robinson is definitely an author who intimidates me 😐


    2. I like your idea of a Resource Page to help people enjoy the classics more! I’ve been planning something similar. I had to look up SO many words in 1930s British novels that I started keeping notes so I can publish a glossary. Most were cultural references that haven’t stood the test of time, like song names, book titles, slang, and local events.

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  2. I like how you’ve organized the list with publication dates. O Pioneers! is wonderful (and short!); also Wide Sargasso Sea, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and the Miss Read books. Great list!

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  3. I have a thing for publication dates & reading authors in chronological order when I can, so I get your listing completely!

    I read Their Eyes Were Watching God for a CC sync read a number of years ago – it was a truly memorable read, so I wish you that this spin 🙂

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